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by | Dec 1, 2022 | The People's Book

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(What Has Happened)

✨ A Featured Inspirational Quote.
✨ A Co-Creation Story or Artwork from the greater community
✨ Links to Live Discussion and Connection Call Replays.
✨ In-Person Meetup Recaps!
✨ Foundation Accomplishments
✨ Greater Community Accomplishments



(What Is happening)

✨ Upcoming Live Discussions
✨ Upcoming Connection Calls
✨ Upcoming In-Person Meetups & Readers’ Groups Scheduling.
✨ Anastasia Foundation projects that are upcoming and/or already underway.
✨ Projects from the greater community
✨ Calls to Service


What Has Happened

Inspirational Quote:

“Human Society on the Earth consisted of happy families. The various continents were inhabited by families. They were united by their aspirations to create a Space of Splendor”. -Book 6 Chpt 5

Co-Creation Story:

Gaz and Stef Shambala, beloveds from our European readers’ group, found their land betwixt a beautiful whirlwind
of trust and persistence
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Kin’s Domain Design Replay Links

10/25/22 ~
Asking the most important question

11/08/22 ~
Picture Primary Water (w/special guest)



Readers all over the globe are meeting in person!
October held two official meetups!
Vancouver, British Columbia – A sold out 2 day event hosted by Airane and Stephan from our British Columbia Readers’ Group
Venice, LA, USA – Hosted by Gabriel Miguel, Vlad Levchenko, and Wesley Wittkamper from our California Readers’ Group



Our own joyful walk has us on many adventures.
We’re excited to walk this way with you today!


Notable moments & highlights from the video

  • Gabriel’s Birthday & Vladimir Megre Blessing!
Gabriel Turned 28 November 24th!
  • Gabriel’s Monthly Community Calls have been put back on his schedule!
The 1st Sunday of Each Month. Join us this Sunday the 4th from 4-6pm EST. Look out for the day-of announcement for login details.
  • Music and Sky Festival
Gabriel gave a very well received presentation at this amazing in-person event put on by our friends at Alfa Vedic.
  • Luminous Education Revolution
Gabriel was a highlighted speaker for this multiple day online event, speaking on the Ringing Cedars Philosophy. He took everything that Anastasia had to say about raising and educating children and put it into a 1hr and 10 minute presentation. It is a fantastic resource. Please check out the Luminous Education Revolution with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan.
  • Land Patent and Kin’s Domain — Freedom and Co-Creation: Love, Land, and Law Event
This well attended 2 day event happened back in August. We hosted Ron Gibson (the best living land patent master) & Robert William of AMG to speak about how to make the dream of having land in perpetuity real as well as several Families already on their spaces of love in Russia to hear their stories and ask direct questions. Purchase the replays here.
  • Relaunched the Ringing Cedars Forum
After an intense spam attack that has now been cleaned up – the Ringing Cedars forum is more secure and better than ever!
  • Local Readers’ Group Directory
This is an update to the community platform which makes it easier to locate other readers near you!
  • Book Share Telegram Group
We know it’s hard to get the books and that reading them in PDF format is not ideal. So, we’ve created this group specifically for people to connect and share their books with one another. Please join if you’re looking for the books and/or have books to share.
  • Easier Access to Cedar Nut OIl
Gabriel is so close to becoming the first official north American distributor for the Megre family. Your oil will take only 2-3 days of shipping with no minimum!
  • New Team Members – Elizabeth Erkel; Newsletter creator
Elizabeth was brought on to help bring you all the news, updates and announcements in a beautiful & bi-weekly email! (Gabriel note: So glad she’s here!!)
  • Ringing Cedars Book Publishing
Vladimir Megre has agreed to give the Anastasia Foundation publishing rights to the Ringing Cedars series! He is working on things on his end at the moment. We hope everything works out, and will update you once we have more news.



What is Happening



You’re Invited! – Watch for the day-of announcement emails with login information for each meeting.

Live Online Community Call with Gabriel. Sunday 12/4 4pm EST
Book 6 Chpts 6-10 Live Discussion with Ariane. Monday 12/05
9pm EST
Kin’s Domain Design Discussion with Wyatt. Tuesday 12/06
8pm EST
Live Online EUROPE Community Call with Agata. Sunday 12/11 4pm CET (Berlin)
Live Guided Imagery Meditation & Discussion with Ariane. Sunday 12/11 2:45pm EST
(entry closes at 3pm EST)




Readers in the greater community are meeting up all the time!

If you’re meeting up, please email your details to elizabeth@anastasia.foundation or connect with me on telegram or the community platform, so we may help you spread the word.



from the Anastasia Foundation & the greater community
that are upcoming and/or are underway…

  • Ringing Cedars Community iPhone & Android App
We are working on securing the funding to bring this to life! Please donate to the Foundation if you would like to help us!
  • Regional Ambassadors Program
This program has been created to support our growing movement with dedicated, passionate, level headed, calm, beautiful readers who serve the role of connecting people in their regions. North Carolina, California, Oregon, New York & New York City, Hawaii & British Columbia are all represented so far! We will be launching this program officially this December, please join Gabriel’s community calls to connect with Gabriel and become an ambassador. Learn more.
  • Land Patents Services!
In partnership with AMG / Ron Gibson and Robert Williams, we will be offering land patent services. Anyone who would like to get a land patent done on their land may contact us and their team of lawyers will do the whole process for you. Please check out their website to learn more about what they do.
  • Professional Templates to help you start a settlement
A group of dedicated readers have come together and are working on doing all the research to create professional templates for those interested in starting a settlement to use when designing their settlements.
  • New Team Members – Elizabeth Erkel; Newsletter creator!
In addition to our day-of live event announcements, underway are beautifully designed bi-weekly emails that feature those in the community next to the work of the Foundation. Please enjoy the walk as each entry gets better and better! 
  • Easier Access to Cedar Nut Oils — distributed by Anastasia Foundation
A few logistics are being worked out. No estimated date of release yet. But within the first half of 2023
  • Book Publishing
In the process of acquiring publishing rights, hiring a translator; cover artists, and securing a printing company.



Featured ways in which may you help the movement

Volunteer Opportunities:
Please click HERE to view the Anastasia Foundation’s current needsRegional Ambassador Program: 
Please join Gabriel’s monthly community calls to connect with him and let him know you’re interested!
Volunteer Opportunities
Please click HERE to view the Anastasia Foundation’s current needs

Regional Ambassador Program: 
Please join Gabriel’s monthly community calls to connect with him and let him know you’re interested!

Submit your Anastasia Inspired Content!
This is by far one of the most important things you may do to help the movement. Create beautiful inspired artwork, poetry, & songs and share it with the world. Through feelings of awe at your work, bright feelings are established within and that is the surest way to instill new images into the hearts and minds of Man.
Click HER to submit  and we may reach out to you to feature it in an upcoming entry of The Joyful Walk!

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The Joyful Walk Newsletter is Created by:
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Joy and bright thoughts to you,
Co-Creator of a splendid new world!

Gabriel Miguel (Click to see my community Profile)
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