Building The Ringing Cedars of Russia Movement in the English-Speaking World.

The home of the Ringing Cedars of Russia / Anastasia and Kin’s Domain movement in North America (USA and Canada), and the entire English-speaking world. (Formerly known as Anastasia USA.)

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Largest English-speaking Ringing Cedars Community

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Content, Resources, & Events

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Since 2014

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Since 2014

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Largest English-speaking Ringing Cedars Community

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Content, Resources, & Events

Our Mission

There are millions of Ringing Cedars of Russia readers across the English-speaking world.

The problem is, they don’t know each other.

We’re creating a vibrant in-person and online community to connect all Ringing Cedars readers, help people meet their soulmates and future neighbors, and facilitate the creation of Kin’s Domains across the world.


Ringing Cedars Community

Connect with other Ringing Cedars of Russia readers near and far. Meet your soulmate. Make new friends. Create and join groups, have local meetups, join discussions, and more. Join our community!

– Searchable members directory
– Readers groups on all subjects, and regional groups
– Private messaging
– Forum discussions
– Basically, Facebook for Ringing Cedars readers!

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Facebook Group

Our healthy and active 3,700+ member Facebook group with Ringing Cedars readers from all over North America and the English-speaking world. A great place for discussion with others!


Telegram Chat

Meet and connect with other Ringing Cedars readers outside of Facebook. Largest RC Telegam, supportive and highly active group. Amazing discussion every day!


YouTube & Odysee

This is where you’ll find our most important Anastasia Foundation updates. Subscribe to our channel! We’re on Odysee too, for those who don’t like Google!

Upcoming Ringing Cedars Events

Monthly Live Global Imagery Call

Monthly Live Global Imagery Call

Date: December 11, 2022Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm UTC-8Price: Free

Once a month on Sunday (mid-month) readers gather live around the world in different time zones, connecting at the exact same moment for a united global imagery. Together we imagine the world pure, pristine, thriving and peaceful for all life everywhere. We hold t...

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Submit Your Ringing Cedars Content

Do you have Ringing Cedars content you want to share with the world?
Send us your Kin’s Domain story (life on your Domain), your Ringing Cedars inspired poetry, music and art!
We will share it with our audience via our blog and other channels, which is the largest English-speaking Ringing Cedars community in the world!

*All content is subject to review and is not guaranteed to be posted after submission.

The “Ringing Cedars of Russia” Books

In “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Megre, Anastasia explains the way to lead the happiest life possible here on the Earth.

Anastasia shares world-changing insights on the purpose of mankind’s existence, child raising, and restoring the world to a pristine flourishing garden. She shows how we can preserve Love in our families forever. The purity and power of her words will inspire your soul, and ignite a joy deep within you, that will inspire you to change your life as millions of others have after reading the Ringing Cedars books. The books touch deeply on every topic of life, and are an incredible and thrilling read. The idea of Kin’s Domains was first presented by Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars series.

The Ringing Cedars books have sold more than 30+ million copies worldwide and have been published in 20+ languages.


What Are Kin’s Domains?

A Kin’s Domain is a 2.5 acre piece of Earth where a family creates a living Paradise garden home for themselves and their (future) children, to pass on in perpetuity. Your Kin’s Domain is your connection to God and the Universe, and the Space of your family for generations to come.

“Let each one of us take a small plot of his land [one hectare], pull his whole mind and whole spirituality together and create a very small but concrete Paradise. He will transform his little piece of land on our large planet into a flourishing garden, giving a material embodiment to his spirituality, following God’s example.


“If millions of people do this in a whole lot of countries, then the whole Earth will become a flourishing garden.


“A father and mother who are actually creating a Space of Love for their children are more spiritual than the most celebrated wise men who only talk about spirituality. Let the spirit of each Man spring up from the ground as a beautiful flower, a tree with fragrant fruit, and let this take place on every single hectare of our planet.


— Vladimir Megre

Media Credits: Paintings by Kumar Alzhanov, Kin’s Domain footage by Vyacheslav Pronin

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