Vladimir Megre Interview on Kin’s Domains (2016)

An interview we got with Vladimir for a magazine, but missed the deadline for.

Published exclusively by AnastasiaUSA.land

— Question 1: Tell us how you decided to write “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series.

V.M: “I was born in a Ukrainian village. I was brought up by my grandparents because my parents had to work in the city. When I grew up, I lived and worked as a photographer in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk.

“Soon Russia experienced radical political and economic changes called “Perestroika”. The government let its citizens engage in personal business activities which had been banned before. So me and many of my friends started their own businesses. I was elected the President of the Siberian businessmen association.

No one could ever predict that I would become a writer. I loved being a businessman at that time.

“In spring 1994 I took my ships on a four-month commercial expedition down Siberia’s Ob River, from Novosibirsk to Salekhard, a town above the Arctic Circle. The expedition’s purpose was to establish economic ties with the regions of the Far North.

“The expedition was called the Merchant Caravan. Our large triple-decker ship held the caravan’s headquarters, an exhibit of what Siberia’s entrepreneurs were producing, and a store. And my quarters, quite stylish for those times. We had combined two first-class cabins and furnished them with modern pieces in order to impress when we were conducting negotiations.

“My caravan was to travel three and a half thousand kilometers to the north and stop at both relatively large settlements—Tomsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mansiisk, and Salekhard—as well as ones so small they could only be reached with freight during the brief navigable period.

“Afternoons, the caravan’s ships docked at points of settlement. The crew blew the ship’s whistles and then pumped loud music through powerful speakers on the upper deck, attracting the inhabitants.

“Sometimes we did not encounter a single even tiny point of settlement in twenty-four hours of sailing. Nothing but taiga along the banks of the river, which was the sole transportation artery for many kilometers.

“At the time, I did not yet know that at one of these kilometers a meeting awaited me that would change my entire life.

“So it was during one of those stops at a small Siberian village along taiga where I was talking to locals about the legendary ringing cedar when I saw a lonely woman standing on a hill and approached her.

“The woman was wearing an old quilted jacket, a long skirt, and tall rubber galoshes like many people of the remote North wear in fall and spring. Her kerchief was tied so as to completely cover both her forehead and neck. It was hard to tell how old the woman was. I greeted her and named myself. She introduced herself as Anastasia. She gave me her hand with the palm facing down as if expecting it to be kissed. Unlike hands of hard-working local women, hers was pretty and soft. And only when she took off her jacket and kerchief in her little taiga valley where she lived, I saw how amazingly beautiful she was. I was also stunned by her unusual intellect.

“I spent with her three days; three days that were as long as three years. When I came back, I wrote a book about her and everything she said about her lifestyle, about our world, and about God.”

“Creating a Kin’s Domain means improving the environment, and that’s the main purpose of a Man’s being. If God had created the environment, and his children were talented so much as to improve it – that would be the utmost spirituality of mankind.”

— 2. What’s the main idea, the theme of the books?

“I cannot formulate neither the idea nor the theme of the books. I was just describing the events and Anastasia’s sayings. Her story about the world’s creation, about God which resulted in a live and human image of God. Maybe this is the best image of God that’s ever existed.

“Since the books have been published, there have been a lot of conferences where scientists tried and are still trying to understand the significance of Anastasia’s words and their influence on people.
“People are still trying to guess who Anastasia is. Some think she is from another planet; some claim that she doesn’t even exist and that she is just a fiction; others suspect that I have researches work for me to help me write the books.

“As for me, I think the best hypothesis was made by Mikhail Yurjevich Pavlov, scientist at the Moscow Government University named after M.V. Lomonosov : “Anastasia’s memory encompasses information starting from the world’s creation. And we all have access to this information; however, we don’t know how to reach it.”

“At first sight, Anastasia is just a beautiful woman, living alone in the midst of Siberian taiga; however, it is obvious that she has massive knowledge about our universe from its very first days.
This knowledge helps her influence mankind and moreover, model its future, and then make the model real.

“Many things Anastasia has said are absolutely incredible. Or maybe they just seem incredible. For example, when she was preparing me as a writer, she drew the Russian alphabet on sand and said the following:

“Here I am right now speaking your language, trying to use your turns of phrase and even intonations. It will be easy for you to remember what I’ve said because this is your language, inherent to you alone, but also understood by many people. It contains no incomprehensible words or rare idioms. It’s simple and therefore understandable to the majority. However, I changed the word order, just a little bit. Your mind is very active now, that’s why when you’ll think about the state you are in now, you’ll remember everything I told you. And then you’ll write it down.
“Thus, my letter combinations will wind up in the book you write.

“They are very important. They could work miracles. The dark forces were always trying to take away man’s ability to make use of the grace emanating from these combinations. For this, they even changed the language, introduced new words and removed old ones, and distorted the meaning.

“Previously, for example, your language had forty-seven letters; now there are only thirty-three left. The dark forces introduced other combinations and formulas of their own, stirring up what is base and dark, and tried to distract man with carnal desires and passions. But I brought the primordial combinations back to life using only today’s letters and symbols, and they will now be effective. I worked so hard to find them! And I did it! I gathered and collected all that was best from different times.

“I collected a lot. I concealed them in what you will write. As you see, this is simply a translation of combinations of signs from the depths of eternity and the infinity of the Cosmos, precise in meaning, significance, and purpose.

“You must write about everything you’ve seen and hide nothing—not the bad, not the good, not the cherished—and then they will be preserved. You will be convinced of this yourself, please believe me, Vladimir. You will be when you write it.

“When reading your books, people will feel enlightenment, which will open them to much more than what you’ll have written about.

“However, the books should be read only when there are no any sounds made by artificial mechanisms. Such sounds are harmful for people and lead away from truth. Let there be only natural sounds. They carry beauty, truth and help stay conscious inside and outside.”

“Thus, Anastasia insists that she gathered universe’s sounds that will be healthful for all readers. That is hard to believe in just as it is hard to prove. However, what started happening to our readers readily confirms that. For example, there are more than 330 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia, which was originally one of Anastasia’s ideas.

“Then she predicted that in the beginning of the new millennium the President of Russia will issue the law about giving one hectare of land for free to our citizens.

“Such law was indeed issued in the Far-East Federal State of Russia; starting 2017 the law will be active in the whole Russian territory. [emphasis added] In Belgorod area the law is named exactly as “The law about Kin’s Domains in Belgorod area”.

Da Hong Pao tea growing out of the rock on Wuyi Mountain.
Ancient tea trees grow at the top of Wuyi Mountain. This tea is priceless, and prized as a national treasure.
 — 3. What are Kin’s Domains?

“A Kin’s Domain is first and foremost a unity; it’s a place where souls of past and future generations of a particular person unite into one. It’s a piece of land with a minimal size of one hectare where a family must create their own paradise. With each Kin’s Domain coming to existence, our planet gets a wonderful, but microscopic spot.

“However, if millions of people get inspired to create their own Kin’s Domains and start working on their dream, the whole planet will turn into a blooming oasis and stars will be enviously looking at our planet and inviting mankind to them. That’s what Anastasia thinks.

“A Kin’s Domain is a space of love; a man warmed it with his love and thus, gets love in return. It’s a space which can feed and cure; it can connect a man to the universe’s database, to God. Creating a Kin’s Domain means improving the environment, and that’s the main purpose of a man’s being. [Perfecting the dwelling land]. If God had created the environment, and his children were talented so much as to improve it – that would be the utmost spirituality of mankind.

“I don’t think I can give a precise definition for what a Kin’s Domain is. I think you must feel it with your heart and soul. And many readers of “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series did accomplish that.”

— 4. Can you explain why it is important for people to have their own piece of land?

“If you ask any person where his motherland is, he would name the country or city where he is currently living. But if you ask him to name where that particular piece of motherland is, most of the people would be confused.

“So a Kin’s Domain is not just a land lot – it’s a piece of motherland, a piece of planet Earth.

“By improving his Kin’s Domain, a man is taking an action directed at improving our planet, the environment in and around himself. And that’s the whole point of his existence.”

Da Hong Pao tea being prepared. Note the rich red color.
Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation
— 5. Tell us about the Kin’s Domain movement in Russia.

“As I have already mentioned, today there are more than 330 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia. [Some with just 10 families, others with 300+, each with their own hectare. As of 7/8/2019, there are more than 600 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia.]

“Researchers and analysts still cannot understand what is happening: for so many years villages and countrysides have been disappearing from the map, and then all of a sudden after the books had been published souls were enlightened so much that only in several years more than 200 new and uncommon settlements came to life.

“They are still not official, they are not on the maps and there’s no government financing budgeted for them. However, those who’ve read the books in Russia are still forming groups of Kin’s Domain builders. Because of lack of financing they buy land that is not readily suited for building and requires a lot of work before anything can be done. Nevertheless, together enthusiasts buy the land, divide it into lots of not less than one hectare, and then build the roads and provide electricity for the settlements. Then depending on their individual fortunes, they build the houses, make gardens and ponds. These people have experienced a lot of difficulties coming. There has been pressure from local governments, and also false accusations in the media.

“Religious structures started saying that I have created a new religion and that the books should be forbidden. However, there were some religious leaders who supported us along the way. And now little by little the government itself started seeing positive prospects for the whole country. The first settlements were built 16 years ago and ever since the number of new settlements has been growing. The idea of Kin’s Domain settlements has gone over the borders of our country and today we see them being built in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.
I think if the books get high quality translation into English, there will be new settlements in Europe and America.

“What has been created by the readers of the (Ringing Cedars) books cannot just be called eco-settlements; their ideology is far more complex. [emphasis added]

“Today the idea of Kin’s Domain settlements is becoming a subject of thorough study by researchers, sociologists, economists.

“Conferences discussing Kin’s Domain settlements have been arranged in several higher education establishments of the country. The ideas brought up in the books inspire students to write papers about them, artists – to draw and paint works, bards – to write songs about them. There is an annual international festival in Moscow called “Ringing Cedars” which attracts about 4000 readers not only from Russia but also from Japan, Croatia, Europe and other countries.

“The Russian newspaper “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” is highlighting our political movement directed at pushing the law “About Kin’s Domain settlements”. It has interviews, stories about settlement creation; besides, it has a rubric for those who are willing to make new friends.

“The year of 2013 is the year of our political party “Rodnya Party” registration, the event that has been long awaited. And it is possible that the party will take part in this year’s election to the Russian Federation Government Duma.

“Analyzing these past events I can assure you that in about nine years there will be worldwide demobilization. In 18 years the children born in these settlements will begin exploring other planets in a new psycho-telepathic way. And there’s nothing fantastic about that. The beautiful future can already be seen and touched. I wish you to understand it too and become one of its co-creators starting now.

Thank you for understanding.
Vladimir Megre.”

From the editor.
When awarding Vladimir Megre, the author of “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series, with the world’s international Guzi award in 2011, Philippinean and international award committee said:

“Your books have introduced us to the whole new understanding of the world’s being, new explanation of economic and political processes in the world. Your work is signaling the world about necessary changes that need to be made to strategies and tactics in ecological, economic, political, social and demographic spheres to lead mankind out of the desperate situation it is in now. These achievements have made you a live paradigm for all of us to look up to not only in Ukraine and Russia, but also in Europe, the USA, Asia and the whole international community.”

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