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The Ringing Cedars Perspective on Education | Gabriel Miguel @ Luminous Education Revolution

by | Mar 4, 2023 | Ringing Cedars Events, YouTube Videos

In this video:

This is the presentation I (Gabriel) gave at Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan’s Luminous Education Revolution event in August of 2022. This presentation was incredibly well received. I took everything Anastasia, her grandfathers, Vladimir, and Mikhail Shchetinin said about education throughout the entire Ringing Cedars series and condensed it down to a 40 slide presentation. For Ringing Cedars readers and non-readers alike, this video will help you understand Anastasia & the Ringing Cedars perspective on education.

Get the training:

I was honored to be a speaker at Dr. Edith’s “Luminous Education Revolution” event. I believe she has put together perhaps the best educational training in the English language. If you are working to co-create the New Civilization on Earth, if you are a parent or aspiring parent, or if you are hungry for personal growth and development, I believe you’ll find the content inside the Luminous Education Revolution training invaluable.

👉🏽 Get the Luminous Education training here: https://www.luminousrevolution.com/gabriel.html

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