Special Event: Russia-America Exchange 4 & 5, with TWO Russian Kin's Domain Settlements on April 27th and 28th!

Russia-America Exchange #4, w/ Anna Baranova from “Place of Love” | Q&A w/ Kin’s Domain Settlement

by | May 19, 2024 | Russia-America Exchange

This event is a part of the Anastasia Foundation’s “Russia-America Exchange” series. We connect the international Ringing Cedars community with some of the most knowledgeable, successful and inspiring Russian Kin’s Domain Settlement founders, in order to share experiences and insights. Our speakers spend around ~1.5 hours on their presentation, and the remaining time is dedicated to Q&A with the audience! The Russia-America Exchange events are a priceless opportunity to connect with experienced Settlement founders from Russia — don’t miss them!

✨ Russia-America Exchange #4, with Anna Baranova

💻 Event page: https://anastasia.foundation/rae45


Anna Baranova

Co-Founder, “Lyubimovka” (“Place of Love”) Settlement in Russia.

– Anna’s VK page: https://vk.com/id260509992

– “Place of Love” Settlement VK page: https://vk.com/prp_lubimovka


As of August 1st, 2023, the community consists of 22 families (106 individuals), with 7 additional families expected to join within three years (following a land transfer). In 2023, 43 individuals are permanent residents; in 2024, three more families plan to move to Ustinovo.

✨ What the Settlement has Achieved In 5 Years:

1. Acquisition of 110 hectares for 46 Kin’s Domains;

2. A communal area featuring a creative hub and two ponds (30 and 5 acres, respectively) for swimming and ice skating, a playground, and a public bathhouse. The water body in Ustinovo contains healing Jurassic clay-mud rich in fossils like ammonites and belemnites.

3. An active, creative, and educational environment for children and adults, including a Family School of Folk Culture with regular sessions in traditional music, dance, and clay artistry, plus a weekly schedule of arts, crafts, physical education, and English language classes.

4. Regular educational activities for preschool and elementary students on the Lyuboznayka platform. Many community children engage in home schooling across various grade levels. Join us in self-directed education!

5. The Happiness School, encompassing a 7-hectare cherry orchard and the CEDAR Happiness Alley;

6. Development of public and private tourism projects like Family Weekends in Lyubimovka, Family

7. Harmony, Bonfire Magic, Girls’ Gatherings, and Forest Outpost.

8. Establishment of the Lyubimovka product store.

9. Implementation of a permaculture aquaculture project within the communal territory.

10. Completion of topographic and geological surveys.


0:00 – Exciting Russia-America Exchange event beginning

START | 5:00 – Introduction of Anna Baranova, from Lyubimovka (“Place of Love”) Settlement

20:25 – Transitioning to land responsibilities

24:01 – School led by Sitnikov

29:31 – Relationship with local administrations and Settlements

45:05 – Family well-being motivation

53:58 – Settlers’ interaction challenges

1:02:27 – Donation supporting Anastasia Foundation and event feedback

1:04:34 – Division of labor

1:28:57 – Family extension decisions

1:35:51 – Conflict resolution approach on Settlement

1:48:20 – Concept of conflicts

1:54:48 – Finding the right balance

2:02:22 – Interaction and conflict resolution

2:07:44 – Sharing personal stories

2:10:18 – Criteria for settlement selection

2:17:42 – Dietary rules and alcohol restrictions

2:39:14 – Land ownership and selling procedures if people leave Settlement

2:44:06 – Settlement attitudes over time

2:47:07 – Trust in the state from Russian KD creators

2:50:38 – Progress of national Kin’s Domain law in Russia

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