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Le terroire et la forêt, kins domain.

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Richard Poulin
Full Name: Richard
66 Chemin du Festival, Grand-Remous, QC, Canada
How many people (including yourself) are currently living on your land? (Put 0 if not applicable): 1
Kin's Domain Settlement Description:

Hello everyone. My kins domain is only one acre of forested land situated 3 hours drive north of Montreal. The land came with a old garage that I am fixing, transforming the back part into living quarters. I am working the land to make vegetable gardens etc. I aquired this land only a year ago so every thing is still to do.There is land for sale near by for very good price so I encourage the people to get together and by land to separate in hectares of kins domains.I do believe that we can form a small very loving community. This municipality is very open to this type of project.

Phone: 8196609900

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