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Humphries’ Homestead

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Humphries' Homestead
Full Name: Derrell
44 North Stagecoach, Brookside, UT, USA
How many people (including yourself) are currently living on your land? (Put 0 if not applicable): 2
Kin's Domain Settlement Description:

Our Kin Domain is nestled deep in a valley beside the Santa Clara River in southwestern Utah, about 25 miles north of Saint George. A deep canyon runs north from our home all the way to the Baker Reservoir. Unlike the surrounding high desert environment in which our Kin Domain is located, our property is covered in massive cottonwood trees and crack willows that make you think you are living in the southeastern United States. Deer, herons, and turkey roam our property every day. We are slowly converting our property into a true food forest garden based on Permaculture principles and the beautiful descriptions Anastasia has given. While our Domain is not a hectare, we are making the most effective use of our space to create a blessed spiritual sanctuary for each other, our family, and the wildlife that shares it with us.

How many acres of land do you have to share with others?: 1
Phone: 4352755520
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/j.derrell.humphries
Website: https://UbuntuKinDomains.com

1 Comment

  1. Harmony Holm

    Wow! It is amazing to see & know others near me have read & are applying this amazing knowledge shared from the Anastasia books. My husband is from Southern Utah & we have briefly spoken about finding land & moving. We have 4 beautiful children. We have only read the first book. So this idea is newer to us. However, I feel my heart open with excitement when I explore the idea of living amongst others in a kins domain & shift into living in a way I believe we once did on this earth!


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