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Volunteer with the Anastasia Foundation

Are you eager to help grow the Ringing Cedars movement? Check out our volunteer openings, or send us a message if you want to contribute something you don’t see here.

dolmen by kumar alzhanov Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation

Video Editor

Purpose of position: As a Video Editor, you will play an integral role in amplifying the Anastasia Foundation’s message and supporting our new content creation strategy. By providing consistent, high-quality edited videos, you’re contributing significantly to the expansion of the Ringing Cedars movement. Your work will help us engage more effectively with our existing community and reach new, open-minded individuals who will resonate with the ideas of the Ringing Cedars.

By freeing up the Executive Director’s time (which was previously used in video editing), you’ll enable the creation of many more videos and interviews, furthering the reach and impact of the Foundation. Your efforts will directly contribute to growing the Ringing Cedars movement across the planet, enabling us to consistently deliver insightful and meaningful content to our worldwide community. In the long run, we hope to evolve this volunteer role into a paid position as part of our dedicated staff, reflecting the value and importance we place on this role.

Responsibilities and duties:
• Edit videos for release on Mondays and Fridays each week, with average lengths ranging from 10-20 minutes.
• Edit longer interview videos (1-2 hours), removing unnecessary pauses and other minor elements.
• Work closely with Gabriel, the Founder and Executive Director, to ensure video content aligns with the Foundation’s vision, mission and brand.
• Potentially design engaging thumbnails for video content, using provided images and adhering to our brand kit.
• Provide regular updates and maintain open communication with the Foundation.

• Experience with video editing software.
• Ability to edit video content to a high standard, removing unnecessary elements and enhancing the overall quality.
• Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
• Ability to maintain a consistent schedule of video releases.
• Experience in creating engaging thumbnails for videos is a plus.
• Long-term commitment: We are looking for someone who can stay with us for at least a year. Potential to transition into a paid role.

Kumar Adam and Eve Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation

Facebook Group Moderator

Purpose of position: As a Facebook Group Moderator, you play a crucial role in stimulating engagement, fostering connections, and ensuring our Facebook community remains a vibrant, supportive space for all members. Your efforts contribute to the cohesiveness and overall vibrancy of our community, as you help members connect, share their experiences, and engage more with the Ringing Cedars movement.

This role is pivotal in creating a welcoming and respectful environment, supporting the broader goals of the Anastasia Foundation and helping to grow the Ringing Cedars movement. Your work will not only foster a sense of community within our Facebook group but also strengthen the larger Ringing Cedars community across the planet.

Responsibilities and duties:
• Follow and maintain a weekly posting schedule to stimulate conversation and connection.
• Monitor and moderate group discussions to ensure they are positive, respectful, and aligned with the foundation’s goals.
• Promote Anastasia Foundation events and initiatives.
• Share relevant forms for community members to engage with, such as quote collection and Ringing Cedars story sharing.

• Familiarity with Facebook’s moderation tools.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to engage with a diverse community and promote positive interactions.
• Understanding of the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement and principles, and work of the Anastasia Foundation.

radomir and liubomila Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation

Forum Moderator

Purpose of position: As a Forum Moderator, you play a pivotal role in managing the Anastasia Foundation forum, ensuring it remains a productive, respectful, and engaging space for discussion.

Your responsibilities involve fostering dynamic conversations, encouraging member participation, and upholding our community’s values. Your role is essential in creating a welcoming space where members can connect, learn, and share their experiences, thereby fostering a thriving online community deeply rooted in the values and principles of the Ringing Cedars. Your contributions will enhance the vibrancy of our community, making it a valuable resource and hub for all our members.

This will lead to inspiring connection and action in the real world, which will help to grow the Ringing Cedars movement across the planet.

Responsibilities and duties:
• Monitor forum discussions and intervene when necessary to maintain a respectful, peaceful environment.
• Inspire and stimulate conversation among forum members.
• Promote Anastasia Foundation events and initiatives within the forum.
• Assist users with any technical or usage issues within the forum.

• Experience with moderating online forums, or at minimum participating in them.
• Prior experience with phpbb3 forums is a plus.
• Excellent written communication skills in English.
• Strong understanding of the Ringing Cedars movement and mission of the Anastasia Foundation
• Ability to resolve disputes calmly and diplomatically.

p 3G9By0d3A Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation

Russian to English Translator

Purpose of position: There is an incredible amount of useful and inspiring information and stories emerging from Russia all the time.

They have also built up a vast amount of shared knowledge and experience in the 20+ years the books have been published. So much of this information would be valuable to English-speaking Ringing Cedars readers, if only they could read it.

As a translator with us, you would be helping to bring priceless information and insights to the worldwide English-speaking Ringing Cedars audience. Your efforts would impact the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

Responsibilities and duties: Translation of content (blog posts, articles, forum posts, etc.) from Russian to English.

Qualifications: Fluency and mastery over the English and Russian languages. Preferably a native speaker of both. The ability to clearly convey the ideas in the original content without distortion.

Commitment expected: 1-2 pieces of content per month.

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