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Interview with Kapelka, the Bard | Anastasia Foundation Podcast

| 4月 9, 2024 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

In this interview:

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Kapelka (Капелька, meaning “droplet”), a young Bard from Russia. She is a singer-songwriter, who has been creating beautiful Ringing Cedars inspired music for several years. Her songs have been listened to tens of thousands of times, she’s released several albums, and performed across Russia at Ringing Cedars events. She began writing and singing after reading the books. I’m very excited to share her inspiring story and experiences with you!

✅ How Kapelka found the Ringing Cedars books, and her experience with them

✅ Finding her husband, and how she got into writing/singing songs

✅ Experiences performing at Ringing Cedars festivals in Russia

✅ Stories about the influence of her songs on people

✅ Her perspective on the importance of music in spreading the images of the Ringing Cedars, and changing the world

✅ Advice about creativity and expressing what you feel

Kapelka’s YouTube Channel: @Kapelka_i_am

Kapelka’s VK Page: https://vk.com/zyateva99

Her song from the beginning of the video:    • Капелька – Девочка Земля(Премьера кли…  


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