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After I read Lady Sunshine’s story and had a 2-hour conversation with her, I had the idea that it wanted to be told more like poetry. We worked together to bring you a poetic rendition that will strike a cord in your heart. To give you vivid visions of her dream.

An Engaging & Bright-Blue-Eyed Woman Is About To Unfold Her Incredible Story. And, Invite You To Collaborate.

An Interview with Lady Sunshine Narrated by Elizabeth Erkel.

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My History: 
I am immensely GRATEFUL that Anastasia’s dream is now out there in the vast and wondrous world, where it is being wholeheartedly embraced, cherished, and brought to life!

From 7 years old, when I already felt ancient, I have nurtured a heartfelt aspiration: communities thriving in organic food forests, living harmoniously with nature. During those youthful days, I would serenade my reflections in an antique vanity mirror at my Grandmother’s, fervently weaving dreams while singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” painting vivid images of my own utopian organic farm, where joyous families coexist within a bounteous forest of sustenance and serenity. Looking back now, I realize that Anastasia may have been guiding me all along this journey.

Remarkably, 16 years ago, I managed to acquire that very farm I had incessantly dreamt about from the ages of 7 to 12, down to the minutest details. Although that exact canvas of dreams has since transitioned, I now preside over a newfound haven, a superior sanctuary for my aspirations. What some might classify as mere flights of fancy have, in actuality, materialized as tangible realities. But, that is exactly how it works, and my existence stands as a living testament to this immutable TRUTH. The key lies in nurturing aspirations during moments of innate elation and positivity, for the cosmos responds to the essence you bestow upon it!

I have been proving doctors wrong since the day I was born. Having come into this world severely physically deformed (quite backwards with all that is designed to fit snugly inside, raw & exposed on the outside) and facing a grim prognosis, I have always relished disproving the naysayers. Enduring multiple surgeries (briefly passing away a few times) forged my path, and I became the first to survive and triumph over my unique birth circumstances.

Additionally, I was bestowed with innate talents, which have sustained my existence (especially during the surgeries) and which I now consciously employ to enrich lives positively. I continue to carry on my tradition of triumph by being instrumental in guiding individuals towards freedom from burdens. Cancer, for example. The blessings of transformed lives are a humbling and fulfilling reward from the Divine Spirit, which comes hand in hand with the substantial responsibility for my extraordinary gifts.

Fortuitously, in my childhood when my life hung in the balance (a disguised blessing), no one broached the subject of my extraordinary capabilities. Consequently, I remained blissfully unaware that what I could achieve was out of the ordinary. The very attributes now categorized as “abilities” are, in truth, the epitome of normalcy, and I hold the conviction that these potentials reside within every individual. Once we liberate our bodies from the toxins concocted by external forces (the dark forces), we unlock the innate capacity for self-healing, with nature’s abundant marvels offering a nourishing guiding hand to marvelous health.

Over time, I’ve encountered numerous instances where people would remark, “Anastasia says that,” or “You sound like Anastasia,” or “did you get that from Anastasia?” These comments piqued my curiosity, and I grasped the notion of a woman named Anastasia who seemingly possessed profound insights into the authentic and innate harmony of nature. It became apparent that she must have penned a book or some written work on this captivating subject. The mere thought of it makes me chuckle!

Enter Into My Life, The Books: 

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During the recent Christmas of 2022, a truly cherished and exquisite friend of mine, residing in the Netherlands and overseeing the initiative, bestowed upon me an extraordinary gift. Having personally witnessed my abilities in action, assisting both her and her circle of friends, she sent me the initial two volumes of the Anastasia books. She had also mentioned her in the past, and was able to answer some of my questions regarding this mysterious lady who, as I had always been, was connected with Divine Spirit as well. “Read the books,” my friend emphasized, her conviction resolute.

And so, I embarked on this literary journey. The experience proved to be one of the most remarkable presents I have ever received. Overflowing with SUPER EXCITEMENT and profound GRATITUDE, I was confronted with a treasure trove of invaluable insights and soul-stirring vibrations permeating the pages. This knowledge, radiating through the world, reassured me that my grand vision for the world was not solitary, but shared by souls attuned to a higher purpose.

As I delved into the volumes, I found myself deeply touched, my emotions stirred, and my heart resounding with the promise of a splendid, more joyful, and healthier future. Renewed passion surged within me as I envisaged the path ahead—a path illuminated by the light of newfound understanding and guided by the aspirations that beckon humanity toward genuine liberation.

Sharing My Gifts & Meeting Others
My spirit guides cautioned me against delving into social media due to the risks of embedded soul agreement, but I learned from our Divine Spirit how to release these bonds in myself and others. Encouragement from my friend David Lion, a magician and hypnotist, led me to share my gifts on Instagram.

Despite facing post deletions and fact-checking, I persisted and connected with great individuals who valued truth sharing.  After a few months, after an order to delete the account and for personal safety, I switched to Telegram. There I collaborated with the World Doctors Alliance, met caring souls who prioritize well-being and was thanked for my input. It is a memory that I hold dear.

I gained attention on Telegram just like on Instagram, posting truths with evidence. Some famous people shared my content and wanted interviews, but they requested my real name and address “for safety”. This raised concerns and so I declined. People sharing absolute truths were banned from social media, de-platformed, yet those with cleverly disguised negative agendas remained. Restrictions were eventually placed on my account, possibly due to posting unfavorable truth or maybe from where I downloaded the app, I am not certain. In the end, under chaotic circumstances, I  lost my phone, and severed my connection to Telegram. 

The ANTI movement, a deceitful trick, seeks support for what it opposes. Being “anti” still fuels what you oppose. Thoughts are potent energy; choose to focus on positive change. Be energy-wise, channeling your love and energy toward the good you want to see. Anti-war equals pro-peace. Embrace the positive; let love guide your path.

On Love,  Compassion and Darkness:
Consider two pot plants basking on a windowsill. One, nurtured with water and care, flourishes—a familiar dance. Yet, its neglected sibling, parched and overlooked, withers. A simple tale, you say. Do you see the simplicity of the power we truly hold? Now, let this plainly provable fundamental understanding twirl through every aspect of life!

LOVE, COMPASSION, HARMONY illuminate the path to a radiant tomorrow, nurturing, cradling all, nature included, facilitating an abundance for all.  The tale of balancing light and dark, a whisper of ages, a fable older than time. Yet, let’s part the curtain of logic… Light, a reservoir of Divine LOVE, eternal and boundless, basks in self-sustained brilliance, untouched by hunger. Alas, the dark forces, ravenous beings, thrive on corrupted light, feeding on anguish, despair, and chaos—their sustenance.

Ah, the symphony of balance, a well-worn narrative woven by cunning tongues, sold by deceivers. Hollywood’s stage, a telltale sign of the ruse. But let’s not quench logic’s flame. Light, radiant and pure, ever flowing, needs not the shadows to endure; it stands sovereign. Yet, darkness, a beggar of corrupted light, is wed to pain and strife, its unholy feast. This tale of balance? Mere veils shrouding a truth: darkness craves belief’s nourishment to persist.

In this world’s tapestry, truths rest on energy’s strands, resonating symphonies of existence.

The Offering: 

Lady Sunshine Land Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation
The Land 40 Acres

In a wondrous chain of events and coincidences, I’ve acquired a splendid organic farm at the wild’s edge in Australia. It basks in pristine purity, free from EMFs; miles stretch before any mobile signal’s whisper. Through twin satellite companions and steadfast blue Ethernet cords, we dance online, no Wi-Fi’s charm.

A haven of pure waters, where the river’s heart beats first, mountain springs gush, a creek hums, and rain serenades. Houses are tethered to the mountain spring, my gratitude flowing with each tap’s turn.

This canvas awaits a community’s embrace, a haven of organic abundance, a tapestry of togetherness. Here, hands join in a dance of light, beneath starry campfire skies. I have many organic Seeds, carriers of life’s promise, which fill two boxes—precious offerings I wish to share. An open canvas, I await your artistic collaboration.

Divided by the river’s ebb and flow, this haven has two places: the lowlands, prone to occasional floods, offer pastures for livestock and grains. On higher ground, a haven stands—steadfast against the river’s whims—home to orchards, gardens, and a tapestry of dwellings.

Here, a dream blooms. A sanctuary where hands join, and hearts commune; where nature’s grace tangos with human aspiration.


  • Become an off farm investor and have organic farm produce posted to you weekly
  • Buy a permanent 1000m square kin’s domain area of your choosing with use of common grounds $100,000 AUD
  • Buy a full 1 hectare 10,000m square kin’s domain area of your choosing with use of common grounds $350,000 AUD
  • Live and work on the farm for free sharing the big house

These purchases will come with ownership paperwork as a lifetime lease that is inheritable stating the GPS coordinates of the boundaries within the main land title. The main land title as a whole will be moved into a private trust for safe keeping.

The cabin on the property is where my two children and I reside. A spacious house awaits kindred souls building their own domains or those wanting a live and work exchange. Currently unoccupied, this grand house has been beckoning people to join us in time for the spring.

Many an hour spent on Restoration and rubbish-clearing have woven a new story, healing wounds from the previous owners and their herd of 200 Queensland pigs. Their private sale used old photos, masking the devastation they wrought. When I saw it for the 1st time after 6 years, shock coursed through me at the property’s state.

Now, echoes of the past, tales of mud and shattered glass, have reached my ears, but also a chorus of affirmation for our mending hands.

Lady Sunshine Shared House Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada | Anastasia Foundation
Shared House and Current Animals

In days past, I lived along this very road and river, birthing my youngest daughter at home. This place, a silent longing, became mine. A 22-year kinship, a cherished dream rekindled. Gratitude swells for my newfound abode, where peace and blossoms shall bloom, welcomed by a land content in our embrace.

Please visit Lady Sunshine’s website to view even more great pictures and learn more about her Land and Dream in Australia
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~ Thank you for reading about my story!

Story Compiled by Elizabeth Erkel, Community Outreach Coordinator


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