Growing Hemp to Support Kin’s Domains | Interview w/ Bruce Perlowin, the King of Hemp (Hemp Inc.)

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Interviews, YouTube Videos

If you are looking to create a financially successful, self-sustaining Kin’s Domain (Settlement), you need to listen to this!

Bruce Perlowin, also known as the King of Hemp, is currently the CVC (Chief Visionary Consultant) and ex-CEO of Hemp, Inc. a hugely successful, publicly traded company (and the first publicly traded industrial hemp company ever) with multiple divisions operating in the industrial hemp space. Bruce has come a long way from his old marijuana kingpin days into mainstream America, at one time being the largest smuggler of Marijuana in west coast history and grossing over $1 billion. Bruce has come full circle as the legalization of medical marijuana and hemp continues to take hold in more and more states, due in part to his efforts. Bruce is one of the most knowledgeable minds on hemp in the world today.

Bruce is a longtime reader of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series and deep supporter of Anastasia’s vision. He is one of the pure-minded entrepreneurs Anastasia mentions in the books. Bruce has been building the Veteran’s Village Kin’s Domain Community in Arizona for almost 10 years ( He has devoted a significant amount of his wealth to building many Kin’s Domain Settlements in the USA, and funds the work of the Anastasia Foundation.

✅ In this monumental interview, we touch on:

  • Hemp as a vehicle for freedom and financial stability
  • Growing hemp to support your Kin’s Domain and Kin’s Domain Settlement
  • Making money for God
  • Building Kin’s Domain communities
  • Successfully appealing to land donors for donations of land for building Kin’s Domain Settlements
  • Viable business ideas you can run on your Kin’s Domain
  • Running festivals on your Kin’s Domain Settlement
  • and more!

By the way, in this interview Bruce offered to personally show up and teach how to grow hemp successfully to anyone who is going to grow hemp to support their own domain or settlement!

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