Education Schetenin’s Way: Ringing Cedars Style Education | Russia-America Exchange #3

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Russia-America Exchange, YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Mikhail Schetenin’s educational methods, described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books?

Are you wanting to homeschool your (future) children, and want to learn the best ways how? J

Watch the recording of this landmark Russia-America Exchange, with two schools who are carrying the torch of Schetenin’s methods into a new era of innovative education throughout Russia, and the world. ✨ We were also joined by many of their students during this event! ✨

Since the recent closing of Schetenein’s school, these schools are two of the best and most prominent examples of Schetenin’s ideals. ✨

This was an incredibly rare and precious opportunity to speak with and learn from master educators who have made great strides in Russia.

This was a live event recorded on 3/12/2022 with over 60 live participants from all over the world!

✅ We discussed:

  • Schetenin’s innovative “deep immersion” method that allows students to learn more, learn faster, and retain more information (learning 10 years of material in 1 year)
  • The relationship between a “teacher” and their students as self-sufficient individuals
  • Educating children so they become strong, loving, balanced individuals with a full set of creative powers
  • The importance of interacting with nature in the learning process
  • How to educate students in a home or school setting

📖 School Descriptions

School #1: The Center for Human Development “Word” (

School #2: The Synergy School of Life (

Read school bios:…

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