BIRTHING MAN: Natural Birth Anastasia’s Way – The Science of Home Birth | Ringing Cedars

by | Mar 19, 2022 | Ringing Cedars Events, YouTube Videos

For those looking to learn more about home birth vs. hospital birth, all the facts about home birth, and wanting to prepare for a successful home birth, this video is for you!

✨ If you’re wanting to give birth at home, you can’t miss this video! ✨

Join Emily Thomas as she dives deep into the perspective of birth, Anastasia’s way. Emily is a mother who had a successful unassisted home birth, and a passionate researcher on the science of birth.

We examined what Anastasia has said on this topic, as well as researchers within our society. Is home birth safe? Can women really give birth without pain? Is Anastasia’s wisdom about birth supported by evidence?

All Men—women and men—are acutely impacted by pregnancy and birth within their families. To heal families, and Earth, we must reconsider our assumptions about birth.

This event was a celebration of the utter joy of co-creation, the beauty, strength, and intuition of women, and the triumph of bringing a soul to Earth. We explored:

  • Home birth vs. hospital birth outcomes
  • Physiological and spiritual processes underlying childbirth
  • Excerpts of Anastasia’s knowledge on this topic

This was a live event which took place on 3/5/22, with our live participants asking questions as we went along, and during the Q&A section at the end.


0:00 – Introduction to the event
4:59 – Guided Imagery by Ariane
10:01 – Introduction and personal experience of home birth
17:54 – Hospital approach to Birth vs Home Birth
20:54 – Emily’s experience the first time seeing her son
23:29 – Is hospital Birth safe?
26:46 – General comparison of hospital vs home birth
27:41 – C-section rate
31:15 – Extended breast feeding
35:43 – Maternal/Infant mortality rate
36:48 – Pain during birth
37:50 – Home birth statistics (Rates of C-section, EBF, maternal, infant mortality)
41:16 – Epidurals and their dangers
43:47 – Pitocin drug downsides
47:08 – Healing ourselves before and during Birth & bonding
49:58 – Midwives during Birth (CPM)
54:20 – Home birth contraindications
1:06:00 – Support with home birth
1:14:00 – Advice from Anastasia (from the Ringing Cedars books)
1:19:00 – Overview of Pregnancy and Birth – Book 4 of the Ringing Cedars series and Man’s 3 planes of being
1:25:00 – Getting the body ready for pregnancy
1:33:00 – Birthing the baby (Oxytocin vs Adrenaline)
1:43:00 – Pain during birth
1:47:00 – Assumptions about Birth
2:16:00 – Question and Answers

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