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Vladimir Megre Speaks About the Pandemic

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Vladimir Megre Interviews

V. Megre: Today I would like to speak about the pandemic. The epidemic has become a part of our life and changed it. We had missed the moment when it happened, and now we need staying home. Different decrees have been promulgated saying to put on masks, to vaccinate, to keep the distance. That is all right. Scientists, doctors and all the people are speaking about it. The death statistics are published every day.  The pandemic is subsiding, and then it is rising. But at the same time a more serious and terrible thing is happening. It is depression.

The fact is when a person gets depressed, his body stops fighting the disease. Doctors can confirm it. He cannot resist pandemic and any other diseases. His immunity reduces. Let’s think, who is the most protected from the pandemic? Of course, we need conducting a serious study of this fact, but I’m sure [people living on] kin’s domains are.

Let’s think about how do people live if they don’t have a kin domain. People live in a flat of a big wonderful city, they work in offices or manufacturing. A small virus comes and forces them to stay home. Everything is dangerous outside. A person has to be within four walls. Is it different from house arrest? Not much different. One has a large flat, another has small one, but it is a closed space in any case. Certainly, depression is coming.

Maybe better to stay at dacha? No, it is not better. Your total space of dacha is not so big. There is a fence or garden net, where viruses enters through easily. You can catch the virus from your neighbor. Some people live in villages, they have more land, but there is a lack of communication. I have a country house situated in village, and I know about this disadvantage.

And there are people living on kin’s domains. A kin’s domain has at least a one hectare territory with a hedge around it.  The hedge is high, mine is five meters high now, for example. My neighbors have a ten-meter high hedge. It is not the garden net, it is not a stone fence even, it is much stronger. It cleans the air. Imagine a person living in this space. He looks at blossoming apple and pear trees, flowers, other plants in the garden and gets positive emotions. If he does not have a job, he can grow vegetables and sell them. This work gives him a job and money.

People are social; they need connection, it is very difficult to be alone. It seems people living in kin domains are too far from each other, they are alone on their hectare. It is an error judgment. These people have a social circle much larger than people living in flats, dachas and country houses do. It is a phenomenon, but if you look at the Fund’s [the Russian Anastasia Foundation’s] archive photos, you’ll see the people are in close connection with each other. They contact not only with their neighbors, but also with people from the nearby settlements and cities. The main thing that unites them is the common idea about a wonderful future. When someone is thinking about the future and sees other people creating it, he gets the positive emotions that protect him from the virus. He even won’t notice the virus coming. The pandemic is a thing with no end, it can happen again. We should think how to protect ourselves without damage for our living style.

It is a good idea to ask the Government to do statistics of how many people living in kin’s domains got the virus infection. There are tens of thousands of kin domains all over Russian territory. I’m sure, a big percent of the people got the virus, but they don’t know, they even did not notice it. The virus is not destroying for them. They have strong immunity because of not being depressed. They are inspired. May be we can find a settlement where people are ready to check for immunoglobulins. The people communicate with others, they go to cities, many of them work in cities, and they could catch the virus somewhere. However, they don’t not feel ill. People who lives in kin domains are healthier, it is a fact.

There is another point. Turn your attention to the herbs growing in a kin domain. Recently I read material of a German medical journal about using sagebrush. Pay attention to the herbs around your domain and settlement, and learn how to use them for treating yourself and your family.

What are the good and bad things about the pandemic? Many people got ill and died. It made the authorities force people to work at home, study at home, and stay too much time at home. It is bad for those who live in flats. A person living in a kin domain can work remotely. Many people who live in the domains have computers and work in this way. People organize children’s clubs. Have you ever seen English language club, ballroom dance classes or kindergarten in villages? Even a secondary school is a problem there. I can say the kin’s domain settlements have all this without any tension.

My domain is in Vladimir region, there are six settlements nearby. We have three doctors living in the domains. Of course, they work in public hospitals. One of them is a pediatrician, another one is a surgeon. There is no first-aid post in the settlements, but when necessary they will help the neighbors. The neighbor will regale the doctor with apples or something else. There are people with the higher education, in Kovcheg settlement, for example. There are professional musicians who teach children and grown-ups.

Recently I met families with many children; they have five, six children. The mothers are beautiful women, they sing. The fathers play guitars, they are musicians. And they are well known in the others kin domain settlements.

I’m not sure, but I guess there is something metaphysical in the pandemic. I will remind you about what Anastasia said in “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” books. She told about her dreams, and they are coming true. She told how she dreamed and they accepted her thoughts. “I could not understand who they are. Finally, I have figured out. They are the universal energies, the same particles of which people’s souls consist”. They accept her. After that, they began to work towards the dream.

Anyway, the dream will come true. Everything about Anastasia’s thoughts will come true. It is coming now, we see it. What is happening is a way to Anastasia’s dream. There is no more strong power in the universe then what she calls “them”. I guess the pandemic is their clue to us: “Guys, you can’t live in this way anymore. You polluted all the water; you polluted the air, so you have many diseases. Everything depends on your lifestyle”. I wish to all people living in kin’s domains, to all my readers in Asia, America and Europe to dream so, as they accept the dream too.  I wish you to have your own kin domain with beautiful flowered gardens. See you next time.

This article originally appeared on Vladimir Megre’s website, https://vmegre.com/events/41352/

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