The Importance of Planting Siberian Cedars with Vladimir Megre

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Vladimir Megre Interviews

V. Megre: The first topic I would like to touch upon is [our project] “A Million Cedars to you, Homeland”. More details about the topic you can find in “the Ringing Cedars of Russia” newspaper. Now I will try to tell you about the idea in my own words and answer your questions, if you have any.

The action involves planting cedars. We should plant at least a million trees, not less. To realize this, The Fund [the Russian Anastasia Foundation] got cedars seeds from Siberia and now gives them to kin domain settlements. Some settlements got more seeds, others got less, but we still have the cones and you can take it to sow by the autumn. Next spring they will sprout on. People should grow the cedars in their kin domains, how many you can, it may be ten seedlings or a hundred, or a thousand.

I succeeded to plant the seeds, and they have sprouted some time ago. It is a few thousands small cedars, and they keep growing. What we are doing it for? Imagine that some years later there will be cedar groves around big cities. What does it mean? It means whatever direction wind will blow, it will be life giving for the city. It is scientifically proven that a cedar gives such an amount of phytoncides, no other tree can do equally. In this way, the cities air will become better and better while the idea will come into the life. That is our goal. A global one.

Another side of the action is to improve the financial situation for people who live in kin domains. To give them a job. For instance, a person does not have enough money to develop his domain, he has no job, but we give them the seeds, a thousand of seeds that he can plant in the domain. It will be a large garden bed.

What’s next? The person who plants the cedars can sell them. We have a special brochure about why is it right to sell the trees. You should not feel ashamed about getting money for cedars. You can give it like a present to your family members or friends, but to others it is important to sell. It is a human’s nature to value things they bought. If they get it for free, they treat it not properly.

Look, a person has a thousand of cedars. One he will sell for a thousand rubles, it is a wholesale price. Thousand multiply by a thousand is one million. If he planted two garden beds, he can get two million, and so on to 10 million. This is kind profit, the money are made on a good deed. This money the person should invest in building a house if he has not yet and buying seeds. Look, what is happening. The cedars can provide you employment and give money. A pleasant one. You could do cigarette business to get money, but you sell cedar’s seedling. You are doing good things, not easy things at all. You need to save them from mice and birds, there is a special method with a net how to do it.

However, the most important step is to present Siberian cedars to your family and friends. The Fund published such booklets; you can give them with cedars. “A gift for ages” is written there. I can assure you, it is the best wedding gift ever. And that’s why The Fund made a pack for the cedar. I will read the inscription.

“My dear! On this significant day I’m going to give you a particular gift. It is a seeding of majestic Siberian cedar. It was born from the seed of 40 meters high tree, growing in Russian wildlife, in the heart of Siberian taiga. The age of the tree is about 450 years. Your cedar is a baby so far, but it will be grown up and give amazing cones to you and your descendants. Our ancestors made healing oil, milk and flour of the nuts.

Cedar is mentioned in different sacred texts. The Russian tsars valued the cedars and issued decrees punishing everyone who damaged the cedars. In 1786 academician Pallas reported to Yekaterina II about cedar nut oil and its incredible properties. The modern scientists proved that cedar nut oil has the perfect microelements combination for body’s assimilation compared with other oils. The cedar nut oil is advisable to pregnant and nursing women. The cedar’s needle enriches the air by phytoncides, decontaminates it and helps the immunity to deal with viruses.

From now the cedar baby, a descendant of majestic Siberian tree, becomes your heritage. While being small it can grow within your flat and make the air rich with phytoncids. Five years later or may be earlier you will have your own kin domain, and you will plant the cedar in the garden. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will remember you sitting under the tree and calling you to reincarnate on this beautiful Earth. I wish you the endless life and endless love, my darlings.”

Then comes your sign here. Such an unusual action was suggested by the Fund. You know, my granddaughter Nina got married recently, and I was in Moscow registry office with her. Going to Moscow I was wondering what a gift could I present to my granddaughter. I took the cedar’s seeding in such a pack and gave it to our newlyweds before the registration. Of course, Nina is familiar with cedars, she has been to the taiga, her parents grow cedars in their garden, and they are bearing cones already. It seems nothing interesting to her, she knows the cedars since childhood. But something amazing happened. The cedar’s baby attended Nina and Ivan’s family birth. Then the cedar was at their city flat, after that they took it to Siberia. Nina has a land for future kin domain where she and her husband Ivan planted the cedar in the presence of their parents. Imagine them as an old couple sitting in the shadow of the tree, and the cedar is telling them the story about their family registration, about moving to Siberia, planting the tree and their family life beginning. Many years later, the tree will tell the story to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren because it is a kin tree [family tree].

Such a wonderful action was thought of by the Fund. But there are delivery problems. Many shipping companies dispatch a lot of packages all over the world, but it a real problem to ship a cedar seedling, for example from Vladimir to Vladivostok. So it turned out well, we have kin domains all over Russian territory. Imagine that the domains are growing the cedars in different parts of the country, in the Far East, in Ryazan region, Tula region, Bryansk region, all over Russia.

When someone is going to buy a cedar, he fills an application; the Fund takes the application and redirects it to the region where the cedars are grown. The Secretariat gets it, takes the cedars from domains growing them and delivers to those who need. Delivering is not a problem in this way; it is possible even by car. Furthermore, it reduces delivery cost. Besides, it is not clear how to pack the seedlings to save them during the way. Such a simple idea, but it is great.

People who got such a birthday of wedding gift change their attitude to cedars. Is it possible to find more meaningful gift for newlyweds or parents of the first, second or third kid, or any other holiday? I love the action very much. Let’s plant cedars with love to grow them into strong seedling, and then into a tree. Now I’m speaking to the Fund’s Secretariat – take applications about joining the action. Of course, the Fund cannot give all the seeds for free, because it relies on donations, spending all the donations on the seeds.

Another point is about the ringing cedars. We all want to see the ringing cedars. I can tell you the fact about our seedlings. Planting the cedars, we noticed two or three seedlings on the garden bed were different from the others. They were sprouted from the same seeds, they grew in the same ground, but they are twice or three times taller than the others are. I will take a picture. But this tall cedar doesn’t dominate, doesn’t pressure others, it calls them to grow more. It is one of the topics I promise to touch on. See you tomorrow.

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