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10/20 California Ringing Cedars Reader’s Gathering! 🌲🌞

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Do you live on the West Coast and want to meet other Ringing Cedars of Russia readers?

Now’s your chance! Join us on October 20 at the Bioneers Conference in California for a 2 hour panel discussion on the Ringing Cedars movement, and a reader’s gathering afterward!


If you’re interested in attending, would you kindly RSVP by clicking the button? Because it really help for us to have an accurate number (and when you register, it allows us to email you directly with updates.)

RSVP for the Reader’s Gathering!

bioneers conference

The Bioneers main stage! Please note: You only need to pay to attend Bioneers if you want to attend the plenary sessions here. Otherwise it’s free! (Our event is free)


redome at bioneers - NEXUS

The Re:DOME where our event will be held. Just look for it at the fairgrounds when you arrive 🙂

RSVP for the Reader’s Gathering!

I hope to see you there. This will be a great event, a great meeting of friends, and the first California reader’s gathering in a long time!

Joy and bright thoughts to you,

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