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Southern USA Kin's Domains

A comprehensive listing of Ringing Cedars Kin’s Domains in the Southern United States! Includes people who live on land and those who don’t yet.


Mike Roth: Located in Quartzsite.
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Radhika Jen Marie: Located in Sedona. Lives on land! Comment:” Anastasia spoke very clearly that we begin planting our seeds right where we are. Our space of love is in Sedona Arizona. And many others are inspired by her words and have begun writing their book of kin and creating their kins domains in the area. Good Shall Prevail!”
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Radhika also runs Chocolatree Organic Oasis, which is described as: ” Our eatery, marketplace & onsite garden located in Sedona Arizona, offers 100% organic vegetarian cuisine, delicious full dessert bar,  hand crafted elixirs, artisan c hocolates, wine & gluten free beers. Our entire menu is made in our kitchens, gluten-free, processed sugar-free, soy free and GMO free with many dairy-free options.Our artisan crafted raw organic chocolates are made on site in our chocolate factory with criollo live cacao sourced from small farms, a true seed to seat experience. Our web store is the place to shop for all of your high vibe nutritional needs, for inspirational recipes & to find out more about our community. chocolatree.com

We host community events in our lovely food forest garden oasis growing over 2 dozen fruit & nut trees. Also the perfect place to relax while enjoying your meal. Join our newsletter to be eligible for monthly giveaways and keep up to date with local events!”


Diego Om Play: Florida, USA, also Peru and Brazil. Thank you very much! I’ll return to the Kin-Domains of Russia next year! Whohooo Big hug to all!🙏🌞
Also, I’m a Realtor here in Florida, I promote and assist sustainable living in many ways including my profession, so I am specializing in Land Investment here in Florida, but definitely I would love to know more about other States too, if you or anyone you know is familiar with the current Legal/Tax pros and cons according to their location will be amazing to connect and find common points(you can send me a private message too). As we all know, some states regulations are influenced by the victory in others 😉 Blessings! ((( <3 )))
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Pamela Hall: Located in Miami. Comment: “I’m in Miami Florida, looking for a location, a tropical paradise. Land costs are cheaper in the Keys now after Hurricane Irma. I’m passionate about this after reading ALL of the Ringing Cedars books.”
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Peggy Campbell: Located between Tampa and Orlando. Lives on land! Comment: “Founder of Peace Creek Permaculture farm in Central Florida, https://facebook.com/BarefootCreekFlorida/ Located 10 miles North of Lakeland, FL, halfway between Orlando and Tampa, Peace Creek (formerly Barefoot Creek) is a Permaculture Homestead offering tours, classes, workshops and connections with others who aspire to grow into a full life on Earth and beyond.”
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Christopher Robinson: Located in Shreveport. Lives on land!  Comment: “I have a design in mind near Louisiana (Shreveport); I have met a few Permaculture-minded souls here that share and teach wonderful techniques. On my (current) little lot I have buried sticks, leaves, in order to “catch” water and build soil. My holy trinity for freedom, sanity, are: Kin’s Domains, Permaculture, and Natural Law (encoded within US Code: Title 15 Chapter 41) …i love to see young sprouts come to life. Go figure, my daughter’s name means ‘Young sprout; chute” – Chloe”
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North Carolina:

Christopher Robinson: Located in Asheville. Lives on land!  Comment: “We have our kinds domain here in the Blue Ridge Bioregion of Western North Carolina, and network of community surrounding the city of Asheville. We are renting though and need assistance buying / securing long term land. our gardens are 5 years deep, our first fruit trees are beginning to bear and our soil we’ve raised from bare clay to 8″”+ of humus in that time. Some may call me foolish for diving in without owning, but what other option do we have?, our earth must live!”
Photo of Land: View Here
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Jacob Knight: Located in Asheville. Lives on land!  Comment: “Blue ridge mountains, it’s just an hour north east of avl. Gorgeous countryside here & people doing conscious farming.”
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Robin Redford: Located in Mechanicsville. Comment: “Setting Intention for Sacred Space Manifestation in Hanover County, Virginia (Richmond, VA)”
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Tess Amoruso: Located in Charlottesville.
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