Special Event: Russia-America Exchange 4 & 5, with TWO Russian Kin's Domain Settlements on April 27th and 28th!

Special Event: Russia-America Exchange #2 – Conversation with Founders of Kin’s Domain Settlements

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Russia-America Exchange

10am-1pm EST (7am-10am PST), Sunday December 19th on Zoom

Do you want to know how to create a thriving and harmonious Kin’s Domain Settlement?

The Anastasia Foundation and the Russia-America Exchange team is excited and proud to present the second installment of the Russia-America Exchange series.

On December 19, 2021 10am EST, 6pm Moscow time, we are hosting a Zoom conference call with Andrey, Anton and Vika, founders of thriving Kin’s Domain Settlements in Russia. They are inspired to share their priceless experiences and knowledge with you.

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions live and participate in the discussion!

Join us for this personal and rare conversation with founders of Kin’s Domain Settlements.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/82740494158

About the Speakers:

Anton and Vika Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada, Anastasia USA

Anton and Vika

Anton and Vika Borkini are the founders of the settlement “Schastlivoe” (Happy) in the Belgorod Oblast (region). Three years ago, they acquired a plot of land through the Law on Kin’s Domains in the Belgorod region and moved from the city to a cozy little farm. There they founded their settlement and facilitated transforming a struggling farm with only 12 people into a thriving settlement of 30 families.

They have created a successful online gift store, and an agricultural marketing cooperative. They also have established a win-win relationship with the local government, and have received grants for the development of their settlement. Anton and Vika have 10k followers on Instagram where they share their journey with the world (https://www.instagram.com/vika.anton).

They will be speaking about:

  • Building relationships with governments for the development of Kin’s Domains
  • Economics on the Kin’s Domain settlement
  • The Kin’s Domain law
  • And more
Andrey 3 Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada, Anastasia USA


Andrey is the founder of the settlement “Svetlie Rosi” (Light Dew) near Ivanovo city, northeast of Moscow. It is a nearly 20 year old, large and successful Kin’s Domain settlement with lots of families that has launched many businesses, profiting several million roubles. Andrey is passionate to share his insights from founding his settlement; how they select people to join, important points to note, and more. He shares how to create strong economics within a settlement.

Andrey will be speaking about:

  • The experience of organizing a Kin’s Domain Settlement; what works and what doesn’t work
  • His successful experiences of when teams jointly solved complex infrastructure issues on the settlement, and resolved legislative restrictions.
  • Working with the local government
  • The possibilities of the internal local economy, and cooperation within the settlement (mutual support works ONLY if it is initially and immediately discussed and set up)

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to converse with the founders of successful Kin’s Domain Settlements.

You’ll get to ask your questions live! So come with questions before, or ask them as we go along.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/82740494158

We will be sharing the replay of this call on YouTube and Odysee (search “Anastasia Foundation, Ringing Cedars North America”) in case you’re unable to make it.

Joy and bright thoughts to you, Co-Creator of a splendid new world,

Gabriel Miguel

Founder & Executive Director

Anastasia Foundation

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