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Ringing Cedars Style Education, Q&A w/ 2 Russian Schetenin-Style Schools | Russia-America Exchange

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Russia-America Exchange


Have you ever wanted to learn more about Mikhail Schetenin’s educational methods, described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia books?

Are you wanting to homeschool your (future) children, and want to learn the best ways how?

Join us for this landmark Russia-America Exchange, with two schools who are carrying the torch of Schetenin’s methods into a new era of innovative education throughout Russia, and the world. ✨ We were also joined by many of their students during this event! ✨

Since the recent closing of Schetenein’s school, these schools are two of the best and most prominent examples of Schetenin’s ideals.

✨ This was an incredibly rare and precious opportunity to speak with and learn from master educators who have made great strides in Russia. This was a live event recorded on 3/12/2022 with over 60 live participants from all over the world!

✅ We discussed:

– Schetenin’s innovative “deep immersion” method that allows students to learn more, learn faster, and retain more information (learning 10 years of material in 1 year)

– The relationship between a “teacher” and their students as self-sufficient individuals

– Educating children so they become strong, loving, balanced individuals with a full set of creative powers

– The importance of interacting with nature in the learning process

– How to educate students in a home or school setting

📖 School Descriptions

School #1: The Center for Human Development “Word” (https://www.instagram.com/center.slovo/)

School #2: The Synergy School of Life (https://www.instagram.com/synergy.live/)

Read school bios: https://anastasia.foundation/ringing-…



00:00:52 Welcoming guests from all over the world.

00:02:34 Introducing the team.

00:04:05 Summary outline of the event.

00:05:03 Event starts. Introducing the speakers.

00:05:35 Introducing the Center for Human Development “Word”

00:07:58 Introductory video of the school.

00:12:14 Introducing the speakers from The Center for Human Development “Word”

00:14:01 Introducing the foundational principles of the school.

00:16:54 Condensing 10 years of course material into 1 year.

00:18:13 Every student is involved in every aspect of the school.

00:20:09 We share our education methods with others.

00:20:48 We embrace diverse cultural backgrounds.

00:23:37 Our method helps with the collaboration between generations.

00:25:33 Video presentation to illustrate the school philosophies.

00:28:05 Students sharing their experience of the school.

00:28:49 Describing a school day.

00:34:43 Martial arts program at the school.

00:35:49 Girls have different program than boys.

00:37:30 The reasons for including martial arts programs.

00:38:56 It’s about self-mastery, not competition.

00:39:37 Girls do martial arts, as well.

00:42:44 Choreography programs at the school for both boys and girls.

00:47:31 A teacher shares about the educational process.

00:48:43 A core principle is interdisciplinary and deep immersion learning.

00:48:55 They focus on building feelings of trust and belonging.

00:50:51 Education and growing up as one subject matter.

00:51:38 How the immersion process compares with the standard education process.

00:53:47 A course schedule for a subject matter.

00:56:04 A student shares about the student’s self-governance process.

00:56:35 It’s about helping to solve problems.

00:57:52 Self-governance help develop leadership skills.

00:58:34 A teacher shares how a student is a co-creator, not just a follower.

00:59:13 A student can teach other students.

01:02:11 Introducing the Synergy School of Life.

01:04:21 The school first began as a summer camp.

01:05:12 Inspiration behind the school.

01:08:42 The process of building the school from ground up.

01:10:28 Now we’re capable of teaching others our teaching methods.

01:11:45 ‘Family education’ as a model of education for the future.

01:14:16 ‘Family education’ is about everyone working collaboratively.

01:15:39 Class schedule of the school.

01:16:20 A video presentation of the school.

01:22:44 Answering a listener’s question on the spiritual education.

01:46:02 Q & A time.

01:46:55 Q: Does the government support this type of education and supply funding, or are there fees the parents pay?

01:47:31 The Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

01:47:41 Our center is a privately funded.

01:48:31 Q: A question about professor’s integration of different subjects “within and between them”

01:49:30 A: The teacher explains how everything is connected.

01:55:29 Q: A question about educators and teachers’ training

01:56:18 Q: How could it (educators and teachers’ training) be reproducible for us, in our communities?

01:57:29 A: Nikolay Matveev of the Synergy School of Life answers.

02:05:19 Private Education Association: A great resource for home schooling in the States.

02:05:52 Q: To what extent is technology used?

02:06:11 A: The Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

02:07:07 We use both online and offline education.

02:09:28 An answer in regard to the teacher training.

02:13:18 We have summer camps with students from overseas.

02:14:05 Different programs for different groups.

02:17:53 Q: To what extent is technology used?

02:18:03 A: The Synergy School of Life answers.

02:19:11 A: The Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

02:19:17 We have a multidimensional evaluation process.

02:22:06 Q: What futures are you (students) preparing for yourselves and for your families? What example will you be for the world?

02:22:35 A: The Synergy School of Life answers.

02:23:24 A: A student of The Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

02:26:18 A: Another student answers.

02:26:59 A: Another student answers.

02:27:41 Q: Did your parents choose to send you to this school, or did you make the decision to go?

02:28:21 A: A student answers.

02:29:16 A: Another student answers.

02:30:30 A: Another student answers.

02:31:34 Q: Can we have a mini demonstration of how conflicts are resolved? How is it living without parents?

02:32:22 A: Students use a self-governance system to resolve conflicts.

02:34:32 Parents come by during breaks to visit their children.

02:35:04 A: A student says they usually try to solve a problem without involving the teachers.

02:36:07 A teacher says they involve parents as much as possible.

02:37:15 Sometimes parents share their life experiences with students.

02:38:57 Q: How do you see the role of the teacher?

02:39:28 A student says teachers treat students as equals. The interactions are very collaborative.

02:42:29 Another student says teachers are like family and mentors.

02:44:07 A student from the Synergy School of Life answers.

02:44:30 For her teachers are like family. They are like kind aunts and uncles.

02:46:26 There’s a friendly and warm atmosphere at the school.

02:49:31 Q: What is the range of the age taught in your school?

02:49:56 A: The Synergy School of Life answers.

02:50:37 Q: How do the teachers match lessons tasks to each student’s level of knowledge and ability?

02:51:22 A: A student from the Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

02:54:26 A: A teach from the Synergy School of Life answers.

02:59:58 Q: Is there any chance adults can attend adult classes to help catch up?

03:00:35 A: The Center for Human Development “Word” answers.

03:00:39 A: Courses are available for adults of all ages.

03:03:58 Q: A question regarding everyone’s experience of co-creation

03:05:13 A: The Center for Human Development “Word” answers that it’s something that happens every day.

03:10:13 A: The Synergy School of Life answers.

03:13:48 Q: How long do students stay at the school and what happens after graduation?

03:15:03 A: The students usually learn 10 years’ worth of material in 2 to 3 years.

03:17:59 After graduation, students go onto various paths.

03:20:28 A: The Synergy School of Life answers.

03:21:25 Closing remarks by The Center for Human Development “Word”.

03:23:16 Closing remarks by The Synergy School of Life.

03:24:28 Closing the event. Thank you, everyone.

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