One of Russia’s Most Successful & Old Settlements: Russia-America Exchange #6

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Russia-America Exchange


0:03: Introduction by Gabriel Miguel, founder of the Anastasia Foundation. Supporting worldwide Kin’s Domain movement through Russia-America Exchange series.

01:27: Alexey Gornaev introduced as founding member and leader of Kovcheg, one of Russia’s most well-known and successful Settlements.

02:07: Alexey’s involvement in Kovcheg since its inception, sharing insights and experiences over 20 years.

9:34: Alexey shows Kovcheg’s story of transformation from barren non-fertile land in 2001, into a flourishing Settlement today.

14:43: Creation of alleys between Kin’s Domains totaling 8 kilometers.

17:09: Description of a Kin’s Domain with various trees and a pond for swimming.

17:27: Sustainable living in a Russian Settlement with unique features and projects.

23:39: Efficient Russian brick oven/fireplaces used for heating during harsh winters.

28:33: Successful climate modification within the Settlement through tree cultivation.

29:41: Diverse range of 50 community projects for all age groups in the Settlement.

30:27: Exploration of the impact of natural upbringing on creativity, education, and economy.

31:20: Annual international meetings for Russian Settlements take place on Kovcheg, many attend.

33:03: Children born on Settlements have a strong bond with nature, fostering creativity.

45:04: Insights on the significance of collective thought, art, and Kin’s Domains in balancing energies and preventing destructive influences.


1:01:13: Insights on self-sufficiency of Kin’s domains, with a focus on Kovcheg, shared during a Russia-America Exchange. Alexey is considered a wise figure in the Kin’s domain movement.

1:11:56: Discussion on future generations in Kin’s domain, focusing on self-sufficiency, education, and creating a better world. Alexey has 18 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

1:14:14: Hope for a future where new families are given land for their Kin’s Domain.

1:15:23: Importance of educating children within the Settlement rather than public schools

1:24:24: Process of selecting families to join the Settlement through work evaluation and communal gatherings.

1:24:51: Families are primarily selected to join Kovcheg. Single individuals are not typically welcomed into the Settlement.

1:24:58: Evaluation of families is done through observing their work.

1:25:06: Common gatherings are held where families introduce themselves to the community.

1:25:16: People in the Settlement question and vote on potential new families based on their fit within the community.

1:32:58: Comparison of starting a Kin’s Domain Settlement alone or in a group.

1:33:00: Starting a Kin’s Domain Settlement alone or in a group has no universal answer; success varies.

1:33:40: The leader of the group plays a significant role in the success of a Kin’s Domain Settlement.

1:35:27: Key advice for starting a Kin’s Domain and discussion on communal living and education.

1:36:00: Community living and collectivism discussed in Russia vs. the Western world.

1:40:49: Advice to start a Kin’s Domain: have no fear, bravely jump in, and create your personal heaven.

1:45:40: Empowering message to embrace one’s power and create a New Civilization together.

1:46:32: Step boldly into the New Civilization without fear.

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