The Luminous Education Revolution | Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan Interview | Ringing Cedars

от | Мар 8, 2023 | Интервью

A mind-expanding and paradigm shifting conversation about education with our guest, Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan! Dr. Edith is a Ringing Cedars reader, a world class healer and Chinese medicine doctor, and a visionary educator. She really is an inspiring presence and a dear friend.

I was honored to be a speaker at Dr. Edith’s “Luminous Education Revolution” event.

I believe she has put together perhaps the best educational training in the English language.

If you are working to co-create the New Civilization on Earth, if you are a parent or aspiring parent, or if you are hungry for personal growth and development, I believe you’ll find the content inside the Luminous Education Revolution training invaluable.

👉 Get the Luminous Education training here:

In this interview:

✅ Edith’s story and how she began the Luminous Education work

✅ The 6 Phases of Education/Learning

✅ Inspiring stories of Luminous Education in real life

✅ and so much more!

Note: Please excuse my (Gabriel) bad video quality. I’m using satellite internet at my new house and my video quality is suffering for it. Future videos will be better quality.

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