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Life & Love in the North | Galina Karabinskaya, Kin’s Domain Interview | Ringing Cedars of Russia

от | Мар 8, 2023 | Интервью

In this interview:

The first in a series I hope to continue in the future, “Kin’s Domain Interviews”, where we speak with people who are really living life on their Kin’s Domains and get to hear their stories, experiences, and insights.

✅ Galina’s story and how she found her way to her life on her Kin’s Domain

✅ The very magical way she met her husband, Vadim

✅ Successes from life on her Kin’s Domain

✅ Beautiful aspects from life on a Domain

✅ Raising children on your Domain

✅ Connecting with your land

✅ Writing in your Book of Kin

✅ and much more!

Our guest:

Galina Karabinskaya lives with her husband Vadim and their children in the most northern Kin’s Domain Settlement in Russia, “Karelskoe Zalesie”. This is the only Kin’s Domain Settlement in the Republiс of Karelia (to the north of St. Petersburg). Karelia is a region that extends between Russia, Sweden and Finland. It is a territory of ancient history, home of the Karelians, people of northern Europe. Galina is an online English teacher, and currently they have two children, with the 3rd on the way!

Galina’s husband Vadim started the Settlement 15 years ago, and Galina joined him later. Vadim is a blogger — the first and largest Ringing Cedars blogger in Russia — the creator and director of 2 films about Russian Kin’s Domains (2 films in 9 parts), and the author of several books related to the Ringing Cedars of Russia. Galina is the main support and inspiration for Vadim.

They run a traditional education camp for boys and girls. There, boys learn how to defend themselves, sports, folk games, singing, dancing etc. For girls – the basic skills of sewing, weaving, gathering herbs, cooking, folk singing and dancing, etc.

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