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Uncovering Spiritual Paths: Anastasia, Spiritual Teachers & Co-Creation with God | Agata and Gabriel

by | Apr 19, 2023 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

▸ In this interview:

Join us for a fascinating and heartfelt conversation with Agata Janik, the European Ringing Cedars Community Call Host and leader of European Community Development with the Anastasia Foundation. Together, Gabriel and Agata delve into the world of spiritual paths, the role of true spiritual teachers, and the essence of Anastasia’s philosophy.

This insightful discussion aims to explore the similarities and differences between various spiritual belief systems and practices, without trying to convince or impose beliefs on others.

This open and reflective conversation between friends offers valuable insights for those on their spiritual journeys. Listen in as Gabriel and Agata share their thoughts and experiences, aiming to inspire and support others in their personal paths towards spiritual growth and realization of God.

✅ The essence of all religions and spiritual paths

✅ Comparing Anastasia’s philosophy to past spiritual traditions

✅ Inner vs. outer spiritual paths: Accessibility of Anastasia’s teachings to everyone

✅ Reincarnation: Happy reincarnations forever vs. ending the reincarnation cycle

✅ The value of meditation, yoga, and spiritual discipline in today’s world

✅ What defines a true spiritual teacher

✅ Gabriel shares his fascinating encounter with a true enlightened master and their current friendship

✅ Embracing the best aspects of past spiritual traditions

✅ Co-creation with God as a manifestation of true spirituality

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