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Kin’s Domain Economics & Funding – Jonah Wittkamper Interview

by | Feb 19, 2023 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

New INTERVIEW: A mind-expanding and paradigm shifting conversation on funding the Kin’s Domain dream.

You will have so many new ideas about how to fund Kin’s Domains and Settlements by the end of this interview!

✅ How Kin’s Domains fit into the emerging economic system of the world and how to capitalize on the opportunities

✅ An understanding of the worldwide shift towards sustainability in business

✅ Many different strategies for how to fund Kin’s Domains and Settlements

✅ Tips for successfully pitching donors for Kin’s Domain Settlement funding

✅ and so much more

Our Guest:

Our guest today is Jonah Wittkamper, my (Gabriel) dear friend and mentor. Jonah is Co-Founder and President of NEXUS, the Amazon Investor Coalition (AIC), and the Healthy Democracy Coalition (HDC). NEXUS is a global movement of over 6000 young people from 70 countries dedicated to bridging communities of wealth and impact. The AIC advances forest friendly economic development of the Amazon region of South America.The HDC connects funders to collaborate on US policy. The various networks involve people from many of the world’s most philanthropic families. Jonah Wittkamper has organized global networks of young philanthropists for more than a decade, inspiring new charitable activity from many wealthy families.

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