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Kin’s Domain Creation Insights, EP. 03 | Co-Creation and Joy Radio (Ringing Cedars Podcast)

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

Today’s podcast episode is all about creating Kin’s Domains: what to avoid, common mistakes people make, and what to do instead.

Join Gabriel as he goes deep into the heart and soul of connecting with your land and Kin’s Domain, and shares stories and insights from other Ringing Cedars readers in the USA. Also we discuss the differences between Kin’s Domains and other more western types of ecovillages, and the psychology of creating Kin’s Domain settlements and communities.

Joy and bright thoughts to you, Co-Creator of a splendid new world,
– Gabriel Miguel

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Transcript of the first 10 minutes:

[0:00] Hello my friends and Ringing Cedars readers this is Gabriel and this is the Co-Creation and Joy Radio podcast hosted by me, Gabriel Miguel and presented by Anastasia USA.

And today I wanted to speak about a topic I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a topic I’ve been doing a lot of research about. And that topic is creating Kin’s Domains, and a lot of insights that I’ve had and thoughts that I wanted to share with you about creating Kin’s Domains and the motivations behind them and proper mindset about it and just ways of thinking about it and things of that nature.

So I wanted to dive right into it and start this off by saying recently I’ve been discussing with a good friend of mine and trusted advisor and collaborator in all the work that I’ve been doing for many years already we’ve known each other for a while. And she’s been involved in one way or another in the creation or organization of different kin’s domain settlements across the USA Canada and I believe Europe.

[1:24] Mostly in the USA and Canada and she currently has her own land in Colorado if you’d like to reach out to her she has 80 acres of land in Colorado the name of her community charisma, her name is Joyce I can connect you with her if you just reply directly to me I’d be happy to do that if you’re interested in becoming a part of her community and getting land and building your Kin’s Domain there in Colorado. I’d wait to see if you want to contact her until after I finish what I what I wanted to talk about today so, I’ve been speaking with Joyce recently and she’s a very knowledgeable woman and very insightful she’s seen a lot of kin’s domain settlements and individual Kin’s domains begin projects and you know, how far they all got was different but she’s been involved probably since the books were published in English around that time so easily more a little bit more than 10 years.

And she’s gained a lot of insights and shared some thoughts with me and we’ve been discussing creating communities and collaborating I’ve received recently, within the last year or so many different offers for land that could be donated, to Anastasia USA or land that you know a donor or somebody would have that they would allow families to come and build their Kin’s Domains on that land.

[3:11] And so we’ve been figuring out what’s the best way to go about this in organizing these large buildings of settlements in projects and, you know probably around a thousand acres of land total here and there, probably a lot more if I really thought about it because I’ve been in touch with so many people over all this time anyway back to my point. So Joyce has a lot of insights you seen a lot of communities come and go and one thing she was sharing with me as we were discussing how to manage these, how to organize the building of kin’s domain settlements on land that has been offered to me and Anastasia USA and to all of you listening, how to best do that she brought up a couple points and it made me think.

[4:11] And one thing I’ll just tell you kind of what I thought and it’s a very interesting, very interesting thought so I guess that’s where to begin.

[4:30] Where Anastasia first brought up the idea of Kin’s Domains in book 4, in the chapter “Even Today Everyone Can Build a Home”.

[4:43] The very interesting thing was she said, “First choose for yourself a place of your own you like best of all the pleasing spaces on the Earth, a place where you would like to live and would like your children to live out their lives and then you will indeed leave to your great-grandchildren a fitting memorial to you. The climate too in that place must be favorable for you. Take one hectare of land in that place for yourself in perpetuity.” And how that applies to the building of individual Kin’s Domains and communities is very interesting.

[5:24] She was saying that the reason that a lot of these Kin’s Domain projects that she had saw, mainly when they were trying to build larger settlements and not just individual domains why they have come and gone and why many of them don’t exist anymore or they had failed was that the people who were coming in and and getting involved were focusing on this very big community aspect right, and they expected a lot of things to be kind of more communal, you know and they expected things to be more shared and things to have a much more community focus rather than the individual family thing, and it’s a really interesting thought and I want to dig deeper on that with you guys, because it’s something important to think about

[6:38] For example, how I think about what a Kin’s Domain settlement is, is it starts with the individual family, right, it starts with you, the person you love, and either your children or the children ou are planning on having but it’s about, this was one of the main points I wanted to make it’s about, your individual soul connection to that particular piece of land.

That hectare of land and your souls connection to it is the primary, thing that matters when it comes to creating a kin’s domain for you, and when it comes to building a settlement together with other people, right. And so I believe in what I’ve been thinking after speaking with Joyce is that the main thing to focus on is not the idea of like, even when I said earlier we’ve been offered a lot of land to distribute and help people get involved and begin building settlements, it’s not about…

[7:30] People can get easily, maybe distracted or very interested or focused on the idea of, “Wow they have 300 acres in Colorado or something or,
you know a hundred acres in New York and wow they’re going to build this community,” and we can get wrapped up in these intellectual ideas of, “Oh yeah there’s this land there it’s beautiful and there’s a bunch of people interested and involved blah blah blah,” and a person can even go and act on those thoughts, and go through the process of becoming part of the community and getting land and making a decision.

[8:22] Possibly moving to this land and going through the motions of starting to build a kin’s domain and everything. But there’s a possibility of doing it from a place of this motivation where it’s really kind of more intellectual and it’s more even about the fact that you’re like possibly doing it with others or you’re joining this big community project, right, like you’re joining this big community project, and I’ll dive more deeper on the some of the community things too, but like you’re joining this big community.

But really like I was saying earlier, and even Anastasia gave specific instructions in the book, or you could say recommendations I wouldn’t say instructions.

[9:14] It’s all about your individual soul connection with that land.

It’s interesting to see how from from her experience and, this is what I took from it Joyce, I don’t know if you wind up listening to this maybe we should have a another conversation, but what I took from it was that you have to make your individual connection to that piece of land from your heart and from your soul the primary decision making factor.

[9:56] Right like you should only move to this land, if you go to this land and you feel drawn to it, like “This is the place,” right like “I know in my heart and my soul.”

That’s why I personally have not moved to a specific piece of land and begun to build my Kin’s Domain anywhere in particular because I haven’t felt that feeling. And I’ve been offered land in many different places by many of you maybe possibly listening [to this] or many kind people that I’ve met in my years of being involved with this Ringing Cedars work.

[10:34] But I never had that feeling in my heart or in my soul that “this was the place to go, this was the course of action that I was supposed to take”, and I think that’s important because this is a soul thing, this isn’t a mind thing.

This isn’t, you know you have to be practical, it’s not to say you have to abandon your rational thinking capacity, right that’s not the point but the point is, that this Kin’s Domain project, space of love, this is a hundred percent about the soul, a hundred percent about the heart.

This is about eternity right, eternity on this piece of land, passing it on to your children in perpetuity and everything like that and so it’s interesting what I was thinking about.

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