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Exploring The Science of Imagery, Pt. 2 | Anastasia Foundation Podcast | Ringing Cedars

by | May 5, 2024 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

In this Interview:
Ariane and Gabriel continue their exploration of the supreme Science of Imagery. They invite you to join as they discuss and seek to understand the Science of Imagery more deeply. Many quotes from the Ringing Cedars books are shared and pondered. Let’s accelerate our thought and expand our understanding, together!

✅ The importance of the Science of Imagery
✅ What was the mistake made during the Age of the Image?
✅ What took us away from Creators original pure thought?
✅ Creating bright images of the future
✅ In depth discussion on the Science of Imagery
✅ And much more!

This is part two of a series of discussions on the subject. Enjoy!

“Gaining knowledge of the science of imagery leads to understanding the entire universe created by the Creator, and to the creation of new and beautiful worlds.

“Lack of knowledge and understanding of the science of imagery leads unavoidably to unskillful interaction with the perfected, natural world, and to the creation of an artificial, primitive, unnatural world.”
— Anastasia, Book 10

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