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Launching the Ringing Cedars Community Platform! | Modern Social Network for Ringing Cedars Readers

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Ringing Cedars News, YouTube Videos

Today I have another incredibly exciting announcement for you.

We’ve finally launched the long-awaited Ringing Cedars Community Platform! Join now at https://anastasia.foundation/community

  • Meet your soulmate
  • Connect with other Ringing Cedars readers near you
  • Make new Ringing Cedars friends
  • Create and join local meetup groups, groups about Ringing Cedars related topics, organize local action, join discussions, and more

Join our community! Please watch the video below which describes more about the platform and walks you through it. Also, there’s an important message starting at 27:04 in the video (if you don’t want to watch the walkthrough of the platform)!

I appreciate you all so much. I’m incredibly happy to share this, from the bottom of my soul. I pray that everyone finds use and value in this platform, now and in the future. Grateful to serve.

Joy and bright thoughts to you, Co-Creator of a splendid new world,
Gabriel Miguel

Founder & Executive Director
Anastasia Foundation

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