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A Year of Incredible Growth | Ringing Cedars News, 4/22/2022 (Anastasia Foundation)

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Ringing Cedars News

The first Ringing Cedars News video in a while! Please tune in, as there’s a lot to share! This video turned out to be part celebration, and part updates/announcements.

✅ In this video, join us as we discuss:

  • The insane growth of our online communities in the last year
  • The incredible team we have put together at the Anastasia Foundation
  • Gabriel transitioning to running the Foundation full-time
  • Upcoming Anastasia Foundation events (in-person and online)
  • Upcoming interviews
  • and more!

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👇‍ Timestamps:
0:00 – Gabriel Introduction and personal check in
1:32 – The 1 year anniversary of the first Ringing Cedars News video
2:18 – Growth of our online communities
3:42 – The success of our Ringing Cedars Community platform
5:09 – Giving thanks to our community
6:05 – Introducing and celebrating our team
8:11 – Our YouTube channel activity
8:44 – Introducing and celebrating our team (continued)
9:00 – Events we’ll be speaking at
9:38 – The Russia-America Exchange program and team
12:52 – The next Russia-America Exchange date and description
13:55 – The Birthing Man event
14:42 – Recent and upcoming interviews
18:30 – Community knowledge growth
22:00 – Groups acquiring land for Kin’s Domain Settlements
23:50 – Potential online event with Vladimir Megre
24:37 – Lots more is coming
25:26 – Closing thoughts and gratitude

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