Russia-America Exchange 1 | Synergy School, Founding Kin’s Domain Settlements & more! Ringing Cedars

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Ringing Cedars Events, Russia-America Exchange

A historic exchange between Russia and North America. This is the first of a new series called the “Russia-America Exchange”!

On 11/14/21 we were joined by 5 incredible speakers from Russia in a Q&A style discussion with 60 live participants. We discussed Schetenin’s school in Russia, living on a Kin’s Domain, childhood education, founding a kin’s domain settlement, and more!

This is 3 hours of incredibly deep and insightful content. A must-watch!

Timestamps will be in the comments!

🎤 About the Speakers:

1️⃣ Svetlana (first speaker) Svetlana has lived in Canada for 11 years and has spent the last year in Russia, visiting various Kin’s Domain settlements, festivals and dolmens, experiencing first hand many of the things that Anastasia talked about in the book series. Svetlana moved to the “Ladnoe” settlement 1 month ago. She desires to help Ringing Cedars of Russia readers in North America on their way to their own Kin’s Domains. Svetlana is eager to share with you the abundance of precious experiences she gained in Russia.

2️⃣ Polina (second speaker) Polina is an 18 year old young woman who attended Schetenin’s School when she was 16 in 2019. She’s been living on her Kin’s Domain with her parents and younger sister since 2013. She helps her parents make products such as cold pressed oils, herbal tea, bread, and medicinal dry herbs. She shares about her life on the Kin’s Domain.

3️⃣ Nikolai (third speaker) Founder of the “Synergy” school, which is a forest school inspired by the methods of Mikhail Schetenin. His school is located near the dolmens in Gelendzhik, Russia. He knew Mikhail Schetinin personally, and his son studied at the Tekos school. Nikolai lived in Europe for a long time and speaks English very well.

4️⃣ Vladislav (fourth speaker) Vladislav was a teacher and mentor of martial arts at Schetenin’s School for over 10 years, starting in 2008. His students say that “Vladislav is a good-natured person, a teacher who can transfer knowledge and skills… distinctly and clearly with the right note of ardor and encourage you to move forward and strive for something more.” Vladislav shares about being a teacher and how to reach the children.

5️⃣ Andrey (fifth speaker) Andrey is the founder of the settlement “Svetlie Rosi” near Ivanovo city (northeast of Moscow). It is a large and successful Kin’s Domain settlement with many families that has launched many businesses and profiting several million Roubles. Andrey shares his insights from founding his settlement; how they select people to join, important points to note, and more. He shares how to create strong economics within a settlement.

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