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Readership Conference of Vladimir Megre in New York 2016

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Ringing Cedars Events

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Vladimir Megre: So all of you are readers. You know what happened in Taiga with Anastasia. And I am saying this because I realize that person can create a future and then that future will become reality. The most powerful thing that Anastasia said, “I am going to transport people through the period of dark forces.” It seemed impossible at that time, but I am going to tell you that this is happening right now in Russia. Yes, she is transporting people through that period of dark forces. We can see how it is happening. From the moment that the books were published, the readers of the books started to create settlements of family homesteads, 10 at first. A year later – 20. Next year – 60. So right now, there are about 370 settlements – not just family homesteads, but settlements – of family homesteads in Russia. I also have a family homestead. It is not finished. It is just my favorite space. There is no house there yet. My neighbor has a Ph.D. in Economics. He also is one of the people in the Government Duma (like a Congress). The other neighbor is a very famous jeweler. She just gave birth to her child. And right there in front of my eyes I can see the birth of new towns. They don’t look like the villages of Europe, Russia or other places in Russia. So for example, you are driving down the road and then you are making a turn. There is a sign that you are coming into this settlement. And you don’t see buildings and houses standing next to each other. You just see green nature everywhere. And behind those trees and those bushes there are little houses, larger houses. There are beautiful lakes, ponds. Those are little towns of a new kind. 

There have been sanctions against Russia recently. Of course, prices went up. There is quite high unemployment in Russia. But people who live in those settlements did not experience it. Moreover, those people who live in those settlements – they will never take a low paying job. They don’t need it because they can actually make more by planting on their land. Whoever wants to do it. So people have a choice – they can either make money or they can just produce their own food. So, something that seemed impossible – these people have found a solution to it. Something that couldn’t have been solved at the level of the country. For instance, I live in a settlement; there are 300 families around it. They are all neighbors, they know each other, and they have the same idea. For instance, there is a problem with healthcare in Russia. But in this settlement, for instance, there is a doctor there, very famous one. And he will never refuse to help anyone in this settlement. There are two nurses. There are teachers. There is someone who is teaching ballroom. So I was away for a few days, I came back and during that time they created a camp, where they were studying languages, they were doing some kind of martial arts. (And they were doing) ball dancing… children. What is important is that this movement is gaining momentum. So, I am not only talking about material things. So what has Anastasia done? She extended peoples’ lives. I can tell you many incredible stories. For instance. Once an old man who is over 80 years old came to us in our settlement, he said, “I would like to buy a land here and build my own family homestead.” And people asked him, “So, how are you going to build up a home, you are an old man?” But nevertheless they did sell him a parcel of land. When I heard about him and about his story, I got in a car and drove there to meet him. I was curious, what does he want, why is he there? So he cannot build a house, but what is his final goal? And he responded to me. He said, “Vladimir, you wrote your books because you met your Anastasia”. I also believed her. I’ve bought this land because I want to build a family homestead here. And I asked him, “Why, what for?”  “Because I want my Anastasia to come to me.” But the most incredible thing is that his Anastasia did come to him. This woman who is 20 years his junior, she heard about him, she came to meet him and then some time later they got married. So, she helped him to build that house. Very beautiful house with a beautiful fireplace. This couple started to live a new life, an interesting life. Recently he passed away. And she didn’t bury him in a cemetery. She buried him right there at the family homestead. And she is communicating with him, with his grave every day. So this is but one of many stories that I wanted to share with you and I could see how this idea affected them and expanded their lives. At first, I didn’t see Anastasia as a powerful individual, but now I can really see that she is capable of creating the future and then making it reality. Do you know what is the most powerful innovation, the most powerful action that can be in the world? It is when somebody with their actions can affect a lot of people, whole society. So, for example she would say something and then this would come to pass, this would actually happen. For instance, she said to me, “You would write books” And I wrote books. Then she said, “You know there will be a movement of people”. And that is exactly what happened. But the most incredible thing was that she said, “In the beginning of this century, a president of Russia will enact a law, and people will be able to get for free parcels of land”. And 15 years later the president enacts a law, that people are given land for free. Of course, it is in the Far East of the country, so it takes a long time to get there. But there are people saying that the next year it is going to be all over the country. In lot of the regions, like Belgorod region, the governor already issued a law that would do the same thing – would create family homesteads there. Of course, not everything is so peachy. There are people, there are forces that are acting against what Anastasia brought. People are writing all kinds of things over the Internet. There have been four priests who talked against me and said that whatever I am saying is paganism. At first, there is a lot of this information, especially which is spread by the church. When I grew up, I was under the tutelage of one of the very important people of the Orthodox Church. It was like the third important person. I was … and I cannot say anything bad about the Orthodox Church. But now, when people of the Church, who are calling themselves spiritual and religious people, are talking so lowly about pagans, that person immediately loses his spirituality in my eyes. First of all, who are pagans? These are our ancestors. So, the religion has existed for thousand years in Russia. Pagans have been there for thirty thousand years. So, when I am talking to priests, I am asking them this question, “How can we come to God by throwing everything away, whatever was there before us? And why is there so animosity towards those pagans, what did they do wrong?” People say, “Ok, so they worshipped nature.” But I found something completely different and saw something completely different. They did not worship nature – they loved it. They knew nature probably better than biologists do now. And if we want to discard what our ancestors new, then let’s not study biology. Precisely that kind of attitude or animosity towards our ancestors can destroy countries and people. Races can be destroyed. Here is a historical example of that. I decided to study Ayurveda. What India did – universities and medical schools in India – instead of discarding all that knowledge that was there for seven thousand years, they started to study that in medical schools. What is happening now? All these people are going to India, they are buying their medicine, made out of all kinds of plants. And we have problems with healthcare in Russia. Same thing is happening in China. Take a look at these three countries: India, China and Japan. They did worship their ancestors. And their population is pretty much half the population of the Earth. We can continue on this path to ignore and discard the knowledge of our ancestors and then soon there will be only China, India and Japan. Of course, this is not going to happen, because of course, we are going to have settlements in Russia and the U.S. 

There is a chapter in the books, the “Disarmament Race”. If any of you remember this chapter, there was a story about a little girl. She didn’t like the fact that her father was an officer in the army. He frequently had to go on his military trips. And then, when he was at home, he would look at all kinds of new guns and new weapons. One time this girl crossed the computer and started to look at the pictures of various weapons and missiles. And she started to destroy those with power of her own thought. So Anastasia told me that this would happen. And I wrote it, but I didn’t believe that that will happen. And now I believe it, because I can observe those kids that are being born in the family homesteads. Those are powerful children. But I would rather wish that we would have family homesteads, than the missiles would be blowing up everywhere. And so, people can exchange their experiences how to do things better, what is a way to preserve love in a family.  
Actually, I have to warn you that there are a couple of books that have been published and talk about Anastasia. There are several websites supposedly created in the U.S., that are called “Vladimir Megre” and these “Ringing Cedars”, which I have no relation to. So, when we asked those people, who registered the domains for those sites, they asked for $10,000 to sell the domains to us. There are books published in the U.S. I don’t get any profits from them, because I don’t know who is publishing them. There is one organization through which you can receive the most reliable information. It is the “Anastasia” Fond. This is my site (displayed on the screen). Here you can get all the most reliable information. There is also a group in Facebook. 

Question from the room: Most of us up here are here because we read the books with the black covers or the books with the drawings, which are… Obviously, I want to have the authorized versions. But what do we do? What are the author’s wishes? What are your wishes with the unauthorized versions that most of us probably have?

Vladimir Megre: I’m trying to contact these people, I’m trying to understand what to do because they are supplying false information to you. They are pretty much defy the law. The worst thing that these people did – who published the books and opened the sites – they broke that channel of communication, especially between the U.S. readers and me. So, we need to figure out what to do in this situation, try to find… So, I had an agreement to publish books here. About five years ago, that contract ended. And when I came here last time, I bought books that were published here. And these books are still published. Even now, you can walk into a bookstore and buy a book. On the other hand, they broke that channel of communication between readers in Russia and readers in the U.S., and between the author and the readers in the U.S. We will figure this out. 

So, next year, I am planning a trip to actually get a group of people and come here to the U.S. in order to visit family homesteads in the U.S. 


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