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 Embracing Our Vision: The Anastasia Foundation’s Roadmap to the Future | Ringing Cedars of Russia

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Featured, Ringing Cedars Events

Join us for an uplifting gathering, held on the Spring Equinox, as we discuss “The Anastasia Foundation: Visions of 2023.” In this event, we reflected on our journey so far, shared exciting news and projects, and strengthened our spiritual bonds within the English Speaking Ringing Cedars community. 🌟

Hosts Gabriel Miguel, Wyatt Gober, Elizabeth Erkel, and Ariane Telishewsky guided us through a series of engaging discussions and updates. Prepare for a deep dive into the Ringing Cedars community’s growth, initiatives, and future plans.

✅ Recap of the year: Milestones, Readers Groups, In Person Meetups, and more

✅ Foundation Updates: Book Publishing, App Release, Marketplace, Cedar Nut Oil Distribution, and much more

✅ Settlement and Other Initiative Announcements: Ozarks, Hawaii, and beyond

✅ The Vision of the Foundation: The dreams behind it and our mission

✅ Foundation Future: Our goals, detailed plans, and how you can help

✅ Imagine the New World: Building lasting connections and envisioning our collective future

✅ Closing: How to join us, contribute, and stay connected + A beautiful guided imagery from Ariane

✅ and much more!

This was an incredibly inspiring and uplifting event, and much more was discussed than listed above. You really won’t want to miss this!

Witness the power of inspired action, purpose-filled direction, and undeniable spiritual connection within our thriving community. Be a part of our journey towards living the message of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia. 🌲💚

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