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Vladimir Megre 2018 Interview: Where Is Anastasia Now, When Was Their Last Meeting and How Are Things with Their Children

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Ringing Cedars / Anastasia, AnastasiaUSA.land Blog

Vladimir Megre answered the most popular personal questions about Anastasia and their children, spoke about his family estate.

Interview with Yana Eager with Vladimir Megre

Frankfurt, October 9, 2018

Vladimir Megre – Russian writer, www.vmegre.com

Jana Eager is a member of the Ringing Cedars team in Germany


Yana Eager: Good afternoon, our dear listeners, readers. Today I am in Frankfurt with Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre. I will try to ask all your questions that you sent me in recent months. And we will try to transfer it all in short information to you.

The first question that your readers ask us is what is the situation in Germany? What does Anastasia say about Germany and Europe?

Vladimir Megre: What is the situation in Germany, I do not know as well as you know it. As for Anastasia, she does not make a separation between people who live in Germany, Russia, the Baltic States and so on. I did not understand how this is so, because we have a different language. But outwardly we are not different from each other, maybe not at all. We have different political systems. This is a temporary matter – today is one system, tomorrow another system. We have a different amount of land.

And they often say: “How can we build a family estate? We have such an expensive land, it is not enough, it will not be enough for everyone”

But is this a problem? The settlement in which I live, there are three German families living and building their family estate. Homeland is not where someone called her birthplace. And the homeland is where you did something native for the earth, for yourself, for your family. I think that this is a frontier, a completely conditional concept – today they are, tomorrow they are not. Look, today the state has one border, tomorrow another. The Roman Empire is one territory, then another.

I think that this idea has already proved itself as an international idea. Someone will fall in love with a German woman and together with her will build a family estate here, and some German girl will fall in love with a Russian guy and they will build their family estate there. After all, if you look at it so closely, there is a lot of empty land on Earth — overgrown, abandoned, crying without a human hand, without a touch. Therefore, no problem. The idea will overcome these boundaries, it has already overcome them.

You know, here we talked with a film crew, to whom I just gave an interview, and a very good idea was born – to make a tele-bridge, a permanent program in which problems like growing something, how to deal with power, purely everyday and philosophical problems . Let’s do it.

Yana Eager: Come on, I’m for.

Vladimir Megre: We are giving you the word that we are starting. When do we start this teleconference?

Yana Eager: Plan now.

Vladimir Megre: Planning now, but maybe the first space bridge that we will make before the new year, maybe?

And here we are establishing a permanent tele-bridge or a round table. We now have such an organization, the leader of which is the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, called the Popular Front. Here he holds teleconferences in Russia. Round tables, teleconferences and generally study this movement, helps this movement. And do not ask if we still “Popular Front” here to connect?

Yana Eager: With pleasure!

Vladimir Megre: Can you imagine how far we will go. The leader of this movement is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, so let’s connect your head of government. We will start, and they will join, and other heads of government. Can you imagine?

Yana Eager: I think that every person in the soul is still a person, he is a ruler or not, and every person can be affected, we will touch.

Our “Popular Front” is such a serious and solid organization. Do you know what it is called?

Yana Eager: How?

Vladimir Megre: People’s Diplomacy.

Here we make announcements to readers from different countries. What countries can you attract people from?

Jana Eager: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy from our side

Vladimir Megre: So much at once?

Yana Eager: They are in our channel, what’s the difference?

Vladimir Megre: Ok, come on. Then what are we? Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan – well, we also do not blunder.

Yana Eager: Good

Vladimir Megre: We will exchange gifts. From Russia, pickles will be expelled, make friends. We also have on the site Anastasia.ru section wife-goddess. There, people are looking for a soul mate, there are men and women. This is the most unique site, because they are looking for lifestyle interests, they are looking to create a family estate. I think that for these people a separate teleconference is needed.

Yana Eager: I think for sure.

Vladimir Megre: And I also want to tell your readers: from Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic. If you want to find yourself a good wife, there is such a good way from antiquity. Here is a lonely man – how was he looking for his bride? Come and say on the site “I’m looking for a bride”, or come to the village earlier – “I’m looking for a bride for myself, am I so good” – to tell all this in words? Not. There, folk wisdom has developed a whole way. I want to tell you about it so that it is used now.

Suppose a man from Germany wants to find a Russian bride, or has already found it on the site. He takes an ax, a saw, a hammer, in general, a set of tools. And he goes through the village, as it used to be, in this case the settlement, and says: “I am looking for a job. Who needs to do something?” Everyone knows why he is doing this. Here is a single woman, the so-called bride, says: “Yes, I need to fix the porch here.” And he is hired to her for work, they bargain, agree on payment, enters into payment that she will feed him, which will provide him with an overnight stay. He really works for her, makes it a porch, and she really feeds him. Well, maybe she won’t cook very well, but if he likes her, he will forgive him. And maybe he will not do very well the porch, but if he likes it, she will forgive him, or he will forgive him. And they can stay. She will come up with another job for him, so they will start living there. And if they do not like each other very much, they will disperse, the work is done, nothing is inconvenient to anyone, he earned some money, she also did something about the housekeeping.

All right, we decided with teleconference, we decided with land. What else? What are your other questions?

Yana Eager: One more question that everyone asks – when was the last time you saw Anastasia? How is she doing?

Vladimir Megre: Anastasia’s affairs cannot be bad. She is so positive, so cheerful and so strong a man who clearly sees her future, that she cannot have a bad life.

Anastasia, if I mean such a physical contact, I saw. I will not specify the exact date, say, the last time four months ago. If we talk about when I last talked with Anastasia, it is easier to name the date when I did not communicate with her. Because the whole life is devoted to Anastasia, the readers, and everything connected with it and with them. This is my life.

Yana Eager: Is Anastasia still living in the taiga?

Vladimir Megre: They are still trying to find her in the taiga. I am beginning to understand why she did this, that she does not come out, does not run for president, does not conduct a reception, like many in the city are here.

Imagine Anastasia – she is sitting in a clearing on a stump. To her by the crowd, people go to the queue and say “heal” – this is absurd, she is against it. She says: “Change your lifestyle, and your life will change. Your health will improve.” She is not trying to become the head of a region. She tries to make people understand and believe in their own strength without any there.

I have already said, maybe such a time will come, such a moment when we go with Anastasia along Kalininsky Avenue in Moscow, people meet me, they recognize me, Anastasia learn, and are not surprised because they themselves have become like Anastasia. She said: “I will give all my Soul to people. I stand in people with my Soul. Get ready, angry, get out of the Earth.”

I see that many people are already with the soul of Anastasia, their eyes are burning, they are doing things, they are becoming wiser, they are becoming happier.

The one who understands, for many, Anastasia is already there. Maybe a person to be near, and even live, get married, but this does not mean that they are near, that life is one. My husband comes home from work, sits down on a sofa, reads a newspaper, and his wife is grumbling in the kitchen, but they are near. And are they really close? They are as far as the stars in the sky.

Yana Eager: Thank you very much. Another question is what does your son do? Where is he now?

Vladimir Megre: Son made a mock estate. There are some innovations in the estate that I have, and I do something there, when I have enough time, I realize it.

In the manor there is such a border, as if the entrance to the manor. And there I decided to make a gate. But which gate? There is a house. If you look at this gate, then you see the house – there are windows, there is a roof. And you come to this house, and according to such a magic gesture, it begins to unfold and passes you to the estate, and then closes. I came up with this. I have not finished it yet – there will be curtains, there will be a lamp in the window or a candle will burn, there will be smoke coming from the chimney. People say: “Who does Megre suggest all this? Of course, his son. And the book says what he does.” So he, indeed, prompts.

Suppose this gate is an unusual gate. They are unusual because they change the philosophy of man. We are accustomed to how you leave the house, you will surely look at yourself in the mirror, fix your hair, put on your clothes, dress better and leave the house. And the house is a holy place. The place where you live most of life, where there are some events. Why, thence, leaving, do you preen? And when you enter, into this house, you do not pretend. So I decided to put a mirror next to this gate, a mirror, so that when you go in there, fix something in yourself, and only after that enter. Attitude to this place such anxious will in return give you a reverent attitude. Who came up with it? Of course, son.

Then this shaft. Such an idea – an ordinary shaft around the estate. But he showed his effectiveness, and, colossal. There the vegetation grows stronger than in the rest of the earth, on this shaft. Not only does he psychologically close the space, so these plants grow, they bring benefits, and they grow on it about twice as strong. This year my mustard grows there. Mustard improves soil and honey for bees gives. Approximately two times better than the other part.

Yana Eager: Your son gave you a special drug – lubricate the skin to cleanse. Everyone asks – is there a recipe?

Vladimir Megre: I do not know. I can ask. But I can simply say what principles they select, these people, the so-called hermits, including the son. He did this when he was very small. And on what basis do they pick herbs?

Yana Eager: Intuitive.

Vladimir Megre: They feel. Here is a dog, who taught her, and she finds the grass that she needs. And man has much more of these abilities than animals. And it is necessary in every estate, who has a plot of land, to have (differently called) a garden pharmacy, or a live pharmacy. You can, of course, spy somewhere. I am thinking of trying to pick grass in my hands, and automatically, I don’t remember already what had hurt me, I chose wormwood that grows along the forest roads there. It is clear, along the roads can not tear the grass. And he tried to brew it, drink it. And then, I think, find out what she does. It turns out that it is a useful medicinal herb. Then I liked it (I started to get a little worse for various reasons), I suddenly liked the pumpkin. I looked at what a pumpkin is, it turns out, it helps vision very much.

Let’s develop these abilities. And we are all trying to find out what we need from others, as if others know more than my internal organism.

The strongest diet, the one that God gave us. It seems to be simple, but super effective. Let’s think about why honeysuckle first, dandelion grow, then another, third, fourth, fifth. And with the growth, ripening of these fruits, leaves, if used, this will be the most accurate diet for the body. The most accurate that can cure any disease. Because god did it.

Such a condition.

The daisy is ripening – I will go along the road and find a daisy – it will not work.

Now there it matures – an apple. I went to the store, bought an apple – nothing happens.

That’s right Anastasia says: “This is an apple, this berry did not grow for you, it grew for money.” The person who grew it, naturally, grew it in order to earn income, money. Naturally, in order to get more income, they will throw some fertilizers there, say, saltpeter will throw, the onion will ripen – this will not be curative. And when the fact that you have grown with love, it will return to you, will return your same love.

It is one thing – to collect yourself, another – went to the pharmacy, bought it.

– “Breast collection number 4” please give me.

– You, please.

And what is there in this pack?

Yana Eager: When is it collected? Where is it collected?

Vladimir Megre: Yes. When is it collected? Who is she collected? Who was spitting on her, who was packing? There are many miracles in the world. We study physics, chemistry, and the nature around us is an extraordinary creation, we know very little, unfortunately.

Yana Eager: People want to know the world of others, but they are afraid to know their own inner world.

Vladimir Megre: Yes, they want to know the world, which is in another galaxy, smart aliens, who will come and tell something, will do something. In general, the world on earth has been created unique, all the stars are looking at it, waiting for, on the contrary, it will give them, will prompt. The star looks: “When to me these people will pay attention to me and make a wonderful world just like on earth.”

Yana Eager: Just waiting for grass too, when a person lowers his head, he will see this grass that grows under his feet.

Vladimir Megre: In general, the whole nature is not just like that, it is for a man, it is like a cradle for him – and it can cover and cure, and as food, and as energy.

Yana Eager: Next question. Of course, there are a lot of questions – what about your daughter, who is with Anastasia? Is she still with Anastasia, or, like her son, left?

Vladimir Megre: Everything is fine with my daughter. She is very beautiful, she is very smart. Just imagine that I will tell you where my son lives now, what girl he fell in love with when they have a wedding. Do you think people will go to him?

Yana Eager: They will. They just will not leave him alone. Therefore, this is not necessary. It’s just that very often people think, if they see someone, for example, Anastasia, their life will change, they will be able to quickly resolve their problems. They hope that someone will help them, but they themselves may not make the effort.

Vladimir Megre: I was in Goa in India and argued with the pilgrims. An Indian monk yogi sits there and people go to him and go.

I argued with some people, I said: “Look, you went there, it means that you trampled your knowledge, your will power, crushed it. And I came to another person who showed you his will power, said that you need to act like that. Is this right? Do you do the right thing? You went there, you searched for him, you went to India. Are you a rich man? ”

He says: “No. I went for knowledge.”

– Did you get this knowledge? Now can you give your family something? What will you give to your family, having received this knowledge?

And he thought, it is clear that he can not give anything.

I sometimes ask: “What do you want to ask? Ask me, and imagine that Anastasia hears you.”

But there is no question, or there is something primitive.

I like the parable told by Anastasia, she answered many questions – Two brothers.

Once upon a time there were two brothers. The father died, and the elder brother said to the younger one: “Our father died, but we did not leave wisdom. I will gather wisdom and bring it to our house.”

The younger one loved, honored his elder brother and said: “Well, take the wagon, take the horse, take the food that you have. Go, bring us wisdom, my elder brother”.

And left. Year it is not, ten years is not. After twenty years he goes, all wise. Students follow him, he is honored.

And he comes into the house to the younger brother. My brother cried: “Thank you, my elder brother is back! You are all so clever.”

And he cleverly sat at the table, said to his younger brother: “You know, there is such wisdom – every person should plant a tree.”

Junior opens the window: “This?”

– Yes!

Then he says: “Every man must give birth to a son.”

He clapped his hands: “That?”

And the son runs in.

Whatever wisdom said, he has already implemented it. And then the elder brother leaves the house, and says: “Give me my father’s chisel and hammer,” and he takes nothing more. He walks along the road from the village, walks up to a huge boulder lying near the road, and cuts down the words: “What are you looking for, a traveler, you carry everything in yourself.”

Here they are the words that we are looking for. It is necessary to see in yourself, make discoveries in yourself. I like that. Therefore, let us discover in ourselves great abilities, great knowledge, great love. Goddess wife Yes?

Yana Eager: Yes, a good idea.

Vladimir Megre: Such a small parable, and she took the first place on the Internet, they consider it popular. Someone writes: “So this is from the books“ The Ringing Cedars of Russia. ”We discuss it endlessly in Russia. I think the film should be made on it. Such a small parable, but amazes people. from your wife you want a goddess, you ask a god, so you can make her yourself. Do it. Look at her like a goddess, she will become a goddess.

In general, some women are surprised. What you need to do to the woman appeared prince noble on a white horse. What do you think?

Yana Eager: First of all, a woman needs to know what she wants.

Vladimir Megre: Warmly.

Yana Eager: And to be this woman herself.

Vladimir Megre: Here! Exactly! Please, it will appear. So you become a princess herself. And then sits a woman, all so plump, all so shaggy, unkempt.

– What are you not married?

– I’m waiting for the prince is not a white horse.

And what are you waiting for him? Become a princess, and your prince will appear on a white horse.

Yana Eager: I have a question now. The most important thing is to be in ancestral estates. People in Germany can not yet create organized ancestral estates. I believe that it is enough if they simply process theirs with love.

Vladimir Megre: Of course! In Russia there was such a phenomenon as summer residents. Six hundred people gave land. On these six sotochkakh need to build a house, a toilet, a shed. It is clear that you cannot grow a garden there, because the shadow is on your neighbor. Nonetheless, they have gained experience, and now many are making a family estate, having that experience.

And in Germany, I told you that people come from Germany to Russia. Here, in general, a letter was written ten years ago – a group of people from Germany wrote a letter, there, in my opinion, 30-40 people addressed the president (these are former German migrants). Here is a topic about immigrants, good.

Yana Eager: Yes. Many people say where I am at home. If Anastasia says: “Come back home, Russian soul, come back.” For example, people come, a European husband, and a wife from America, they live somewhere in the middle of Europe.

Vladimir Megre: However, they have no homeland. What is a family estate? I do not just take a hectare of land. And I collect on it all my race. One that was maybe one in Germany, another in America, the third in Argentina. I collect the genus. How can you call a homeland an apartment that is collapsing, or which is no longer there, maybe?

This is the beginning of the motherland. Wherever you start, this is your homeland.

Yana Eager: Start where they can plant their trees, plants.

Vladimir Megre: Yes. It so happened that my estate is not on the best land. I had the opportunity to take land anywhere, but it turned out that people took and said: “This estate will be Megre”. I didn’t know about it, I drove along the road once, I looked at the estates, how they revive there, build houses there, somehow improve it. One site is completely overgrown with weeds, abandoned. There, at the beginning of the plot, several trees are planted. I say: “What is it that is thrown?” The man who accompanied me from this settlement: “This is your estate.”

I went out. I went to this site. I walk through this weed, I look at the neighbor (I have a medic in my neighbor, I have a doctor of economic sciences) – his flowers are growing. And this – weed overgrown. Before it was a pity. I mowed the weeds. Let’s get this land in order. And now it has become my dear for me, dearer than all chernozems, although there is clay, a small fertile layer, but it is native. Your child is the best for you.

Yana Eager: I have exactly the same area – clay, stones. Nevertheless, there, that it is necessary to grow, it grows.

Vladimir Megre: Clay can also be used with benefit.

Thank you very much for the reception!

Hello to you from our readers, the anastasians, as they are called.

Yana Eager: All the best to you!

Frankfurt, October 9, 2018


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