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Our Advertisements to Reach and Connect More Ringing Cedars Readers

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Ringing Cedars / Anastasia

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Written by Wyatt Gober

Dear Friends, I am certain that many of you know what profound effects these books are capable of producing within a living individual; inspiring them on a new path of life.

Even more so…having community to share, find friends and love, and co-create experiences, all that are congruent with this new path is absolutely essential.

The Anastasia Foundation realizes this and so in an effort to bring more souls together over a common vision, we are investing considerably in advertisements to connect more readers.

If you do not already, please consider gifting even just $1 every month.

Your contribution will bring new souls together with a common vision. Give a customizable monthly gift today (even just $1 ) by clicking here: https://anastasia.foundation/gift

Thank you dearest one, for your generous heart and belief in the survival and revival of our world and the souls upon it🕊🌎

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