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Live Questions and Answers with Vladimir Megre, “In the Future of Russia” | 02.07.2021

by | May 26, 2021 | Ringing Cedars / Anastasia



V. Megre: Hello, dear friends and like-minded people! I am glad to talk to you live. I cannot answer today all your questions that you ask. From the previously received questions, I chose one, it is better to answer it.

Before that, I will say this.
Spring will come soon. Maybe it will be a very wonderful spring this year, we need to prepare for it, we need to meet it, prepare seeds. Therefore, I propose to establish an exchange of seeds. The fund has a website, has a chat, I have Vkontakte. Give, who has seeds, tell me which seeds and what seeds a person could share.

For my part, I can also present the seeds.Very good pumpkin seeds. I have already shown the pumpkin, you have seen it. And cedar seeds.

Cedar seeds can be obtained from the foundation as long as they are issued only to the foundation’s sponsors. Maybe more will appear, and then an enterprise will be organized that will sell them to everyone.

The task is to plant cedars everywhere in the settlements, in every Kin Domain. And it is desirable to plant a cedar grove near a settlement. Because cedars have the highest phytocidal properties and are able to fight disease-causing plants. They can do this now, even when they are very small, and in the future they can bear fruit. Moreover, mushrooms and berries grow in cedar groves, differ from all mushrooms and berries. Let’s say porcini mushrooms – they differ for the better. Milk mushrooms are generally much better. New birds, new animals appear. Beasts is not a correct word, maybe, but okay, they appear.

It’s been not very calm in our country lately, there is power, there is opposition. Maybe this is all normal, but where are the constructive ideas? We need to do something, I don’t know how, I still think about it, and I will definitely come up with it. We need to make sure that our government supports the idea of creating Kin Domains, accelerates work on the law. I have already said that we need to create a working group and now the foundation is creating it. It will include both scientists and analysts, perhaps politicians. But I would like it to be under the auspices of the Security Council.

It is a good idea when families speak out on the Internet for the creation of Kin Domains, write posters – “We are for the law of Kin Domains”, “Such and such family is for the law of Kin Domains “, “Such and such is for the law of Kin Domains “. It’s good. It is necessary to create a whole film from this and send it to the administration. Therefore, send in addition such photos with your posters. They can be viewed on my Vkontakte, on the website https://anastasia.ru/

In connection with the not very calm situation in the country, and it needs to be made calm, for this we need to claim our idea correctly, clearly, understandable both for the authorities and for the people. Who is to blame for not perceiving the truth? The one who does not perceive it, or the one who delivers? Two parties must take responsibility:
– probably, we who convey this idea,
– probably, I, who portrayed her in books,
– and, probably, the authorities, which cannot sort out this case in any way.

Question: Recently, there have been statements on the Internet that the Anastasia Foundation came out against the decision of the Rodnaya Party to vote for President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (presidential candidate), and the foundation even released a film with interviews with several other candidates for the presidency of Russia. What can you say on this issue?

V. Megre: Regarding this issue, I can explain everything, express my opinion. Yes, indeed, there were presidential elections in the Russian Federation. According to the law, all parties, it is desirable that they take part in them. Our Rodnaya Party did not take part in them, just as it did not take part in a number of other regions in local, regional councils. This is the reason – called insufficient activity – that the party was liquidated.

There were statements; “We are so good” – Who are these statements intended for? “And we called on everyone to vote for President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

First, this is a lie, that is, inaccuracies. There was no congress at which they called, there were no appellations to party members and to the creators of Kin Domains, and to readers, to those people who are “for”. Somewhere there, on the sidelines, they said that let’s vote for the president, they said. They said that the way no one heard it. I, as a party member, our regional branch, did not hear either. Therefore, it is not true. What is it said for? For the fact that “we have decided not to do anything.” No appeals, no visual agitation – nothing. Who could hear you? No one.

Then they began to say that some kind of congress was held there, an Internet congress. Why Internet Congress? There was no coronavirus that time. This is not a legitimate event. The question is – why is this done?

“The Foundation has released a film with interviews with several presidential candidates” – what can you say on this issue?
Indeed, the Foundation has released a film with interviews with candidates for President of the Russian Federation. I could not, of course, interview Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, they took Sobchak and a number of other candidates.

What’s at the end of this movie? And at the end it says that you, dear readers, have heard the statements of presidential candidates. And among these statements, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin speaks in a positive direction.

You know that Vladimir Vladimirovich did a good job, I think it is very good – he issued a decree on the Far Eastern hectare and free distribution of land. This is very, very important. It would be good if this decree would apply to the entire territory of Russia.

We had to take part in this presidential election. Because this is a very important event where we could talk about our idea the way other would hear. Broadcasts are provided there free of charge, and meetings with voters can be held there. What to say, you all know this. Marina Petrovna Kopenkina volunteered to become a presidential candidate, but she was poorly supported, it was our Federal Coordination B, and something did not work out, and she did not become a candidate. Then she gave her speech and performed very well. A colossal opportunity was missed, just to help the president. This was not any hindrance, but would have been a help, because Vladimir Vladimirovich has a very high rating, and already at that time it was clear that none of the parties, and especially such a beginner, which few people know, did not could have prevented him. On the contrary, she could have helped him by pulling votes from the opposition, and everyone understands this too. Why are these people misleading the people like that?

And I must tell those people who released this film that they are great, they did at least something. And I must say a big thank you to Marina Kopenkina, who fought for this cause as best she could and did what she could.

Recently, different people have been trying to organize all sorts of associations. The party was liquidated, so we all need to unite together. And they specially organize various branches, associations. Maybe they will do something right, maybe they will advance the law, maybe. But we already have a fund, we already have the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” movement. A conference was held that established this movement “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. It does not have to be registered, it can be without prior permission.

I watched this film, when people act and speak on behalf of the all-Russian public organization of Kin Domains. And there are ten people in total, nowhere it was named as an All-Russian one. This is another, I do not want to use the word, provocation. This is another misunderstanding. And so I call on everyone to unite either around the foundation or around the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” movement and start acting. We must normalize (and we can do this) the situation in the country by promoting this idea, since there is no other idea yet. But you need to be able to promote it.

We acted correctly, I mean, the fund acted correctly, and fought to the last to keep our party, but it was liquidated, I said that it was due to insufficient activity. And I would also like to say that, of course, I am also to blame, probably most of all. I am guilty because I wrote ” Rodnaya party” in my books, my grandfather said “Rodnaya party” that I need to create it.

How I first tried to create an alliance of entrepreneurs with pure thoughts instead of writing books, and then I realized who would select these people, that it was my selfishness that led me. I was sitting at a table in an office on Tokmakov Lane in Moscow in the Union of Cooperators. Received by fax, entrepreneurs gathered, we talked, and in the first book there is even a list of them. And who selected them? And now we are thinking about creating a union of entrepreneurs with pure thoughts, but they must be selected by the people.

Therefore, I urge everyone to unite around one organization and start acting. To act is not to say some words, maybe even beautiful, maybe even important, but act as well. For example, there are a number of entrepreneurs who helped the foundation to organize very brilliant events, you all know about them – festivals in Moscow, at the CSKA at the stadium (home stadium of CSKA Football club), which attracted five thousand spectators or more. I want to thank all the entrepreneurs for their help, and especially to Dmitry Yaromov, who comes and says: “How can I help?” We told him: “The scene needs to be dealt with.” A person walks, takes, negotiates himself, organizes, pays himself, puts on a magnificent stage on the stadium field. This is what I wanted to say.

In general, everything is developing very well. I am very proud that even in this situation – coronavirus, different manifestations, incomprehensibility – there is a pure noble idea, there is a national idea of Russia. Not everyone understands it yet, but it already exists, it exists, and it has proven its viability. The Kin Domains that now exist in Russia, despite the fact that the authorities do not really help them, help in some regions, in others they do not. For example, they do not help in the Vladimirskaya Oblast, on the contrary, but they live and will live, they prosper, and the whole of Russia will prosper as well. And scientists, Pavlov, for example, proved that thanks to this idea, and proved on historical examples, showed it as an economist, and he is not alone – Russia can become a strong prosperous powerful country.

Everything will be fine with us. Thanks to everyone who watched and listened to me now, and especially thanks to those who understood me.
See you in the future beautiful Russia.

Originally published on VMegre.com

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