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Presenter: Hello! Now I will invite Vladimir Nikolaevich to our broadcast. I will introduce myself – my name is Yulia, I am his assistant in the affairs of the publishing house and others, I am glad to meet you. Now we are calling Vladimir Nikolaevich, he is already waiting for us. I remind you – write questions in comments, we will ask him.

V. Megre: Can you hear me?

Presenter: Heard. Checking the connection. There is video and sound – they confirm. Many people have already joined.

V. Megre: Then let’s start.

Presenter: Do you want questions first or what?

V. Megre: Yesterday I congratulated everyone, and now I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We have chosen such a time, the New Year will come today. And I wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

Such a strange congratulation on the New Year with the new coronavirus. I have already said in my address to readers that it turned out that I could not find a case for people from the Kin Domain to get sick with coronavirus. And just theoretically, we can suggest that the people will not get sick at all. Self-isolation, people are isolated in the apartment. What is a one-room, two-room apartment? In fact, they are isolated along with the coronavirus.

What is a Kin Domain?
This is a space of one hectare, a self-sufficient space, this is a system. But that’s not the point. The main thing is human thought. And human thought in a person who is creating his Kin Domain, or has already created, is directed to eternity, towards the positive. And positive emotions can defeat any disease, doctors know this too. Therefore, some try to speak there with a smile to their patients.

And imagine, spring comes, you leave the house – and the flower has blossomed. You see a cedar tree growing in your area. And cedar is the most powerful phytoncidal tree, it destroys microbes. Scientists conducted such an experiment – they dripped a liquid on cedar needles containing pathogenic microbes. And in a few minutes they were all destroyed by needles. You can read a lot about this on the Internet.

It turns out that for those who create the Kin Domain, there is no isolation for the people, they are not isolated. People continue to communicate. Maya Ladilova makes films, shows how a woman in 80 years old in the Kin Domain digs a pond herself, and does other work, she is all positive, feels good.

Such an unusual situation happened that people who began to create a Kin Domain and have already created them, they actually turned out to be protected from many misfortunes, including the coronavirus. And even those who have not yet created Kin Domains, but think, dream about it, they also have a certain protection – positive emotions.

So I congratulate the readers and creators of the Kin Domain!
Happy New Year!
Presenter: Thank you very much! Here, readers also congratulate you personally, your family, your loved ones and each other, wish you prosperity. Nice to read.

Question: Can you tell us if there will be new books?

V. Megre: Yes, there will be new books. I want to write them, but my nature is such that everything captivates me. The events of today are so fascinating. I have began to write a book about the events that took place with knyaz Svyatoslav (transl. Knyaz  is a historical Slavic title as duke or count), about the events that took place in Ancient Russia. How he defended Russia, how he fell in love. How he and his friend went to a very old sorcerer to understand how you can attract a woman’s love. The girl with whom he fell in love did not perceive him, and even, to some extent, at first hated him, because for the first time he saw her swimming naked, and when she came out of the water, but he did not turn away. And she didn’t scream there, didn’t gasp, but just walked at him naked. He was somewhat numb, and she walked by him, one meter away from him, and walked as if he did not exist. She left, and he stood for a long time, thinking what had happened. And then this girl did not leave his head, he loved her all his life. At the end of his life, if we talk about knyaz Svyatoslav, as the story goes, he died saving his army. He went with a small detachment, was ambushed, he knew about this ambush, but he deliberately distracted the enemy army so that they attacked him. And he died there – so it is written in history.

In fact, he did not die. The ancient vedruses had such a concept – during the period of death, a person thinks about something beautiful, thinks where he will be in the future. Suppose a person dies and thinks that “this sore, everything hurts”, another thinks that “who will get my wealth” and so on – he dies, his soul will be tormented. And if a person, dying, as if falling asleep, thinks that “I should have made a little more pond”, or “I planted a cherry tree close to the apple tree”, – and he is in his Kin Domain and is reborn, reincarnated in his estate.

Knyaz Svyatoslav with his friend (he was in the boat with a friend), and the friend says to him: “You should think about her.” He built her a house, made a Kin Domain for her, he did not want to do fighting, his mother forced him. He loved her very much. When he talked to the sorcerer, he says to him: “What does it mean to attract a woman? You build a house for her, plant a garden. All women, all animals, all birds want to build their nest. Here you are and tell her that this is her nest.” Build everything so that she really likes it.”

He built it all up. He had a small squad then, he was still a young man, he was 17 years old. His soldiers laid down their weapons, took axes and with great pleasure built a terem (old Slavic house type of a house) for him, planted a garden. There, in turn, people grazed their animals – cows, sheep, etc. Once it happened that he was paired with this girl to graze, and when they were going back home, he tried to do everything well, asked her to come to him.

She agreed, entered the Domain he built, looked at everything and said to him: “For whom did you build this terem?
He replies: “I built this for my beloved girl. And the beloved girl is you.”
She went to the exit from the yard, then turned and said: “I don’t like your terem.”
He: “Why?”
And he and his team built the best terem in this village.
She says: “How do you imagine small children can go down these steps?”
And the steps were designed for the Knyaz, of course, they did not take into account that there could be children in the house. And she left.
He stood confused, then went to this sorcerer with his friend and said: “Well, why didn’t you tell us?”
The sorcerer says: “Everything turned out great!”
He: “What’s great? She’s gone.”
The sorcerer says: “So she imagined her children! And it will be inconvenient for them to go down. This is the main thing that she imagined.”

Nevertheless, she did not show it, although, of course, she had already forgiven him for the incident by the river. When he was ambushed and died, a friend tried to persuade him: “You remember her.” But he could not, more than ten years have passed, he has all sorts of battles in his head, everything is messed up. And suddenly he sees that two girls are galloping along the shore on a horse. One of these girls was his, the one he had loved all his life. He forgot everything, and began to think only of her.

Anastasia says that if one could see the invisible human soul, then people would see how Knyaz Svyatoslav sits on the horse of this girl with her.

So, when I see these pictures, they attract me, warm me, because there is a lot that can be taken for today – how they treated a woman, how they built their relationships in their settlement. Previously, after all, all of Russia consisted of such settlements, which we are now reviving. So briefly about this, so I want to write about Ancient Russia.

Presenter: Thank you very much for telling and sharing it.
Question: When, who last saw Anastasia? How does she live now? Do you see her and the children? Have you seen your grandfather lately?

V. Megre: You know, I have such a concept, it appeared 20 years ago – what does it mean to see each other? There are people who hold onto the skirt of their beloved woman and say: “Oh, how good you are, I love you.” And their apartment is not very good, and the air outside the window is getting dirtier and dirtier, and bottled water is sold in stores. And he keeps holding on to the skirt and says: “Oh, how good you are, oh, I love you so much.” I do not like this man’s behavior. If you love a woman, then make the air cleaner, the water, and the world into which the children born of this woman could be happier. If for this you need to leave, then you can go. Therefore, I have not seen Anastasia on the physical plane, as some may imagine, for some time. But I feel her every day. She lives in my heart and lives next to me. I feel that her soul seems to be floating above the ground. And it seems to me that she is doing everything in this world now.

The book contains how she lay down on the grass, spread her arms and dreamed about the beautt, that I would write a book, that everything would be fine in Russia, and people would be called, and so on, you can read this. It shows us that a person can do a lot with his thought. And then I say that I am not a writer, I will not write a book, such as you say, that these sounds of the people who will be in the book will call. It was fantastic, fabulous, for me at the time it was absolutely unreal. But that’s how it happened, as she said. And she said that THEY accepted her dream, and THEY would arrange the circumstances in such a way that you would write a book. And so it happened.

And who are THEY? These are mysterious THEY. For the first time she said that THEY are good. Then, over time, she began to explain that these are entities that are in the universe. Remember – “imagine the beginning, there was no Earth yet, there was still the Universe” – and so on, and there were some entities that shone for themselves within themselves. And there was no communication. Entities are energies, different energies. These energies are also in space, in the Universe, and they are also in man, because the Creator (in the book “Creation”, who read, knows) invited them all to participate in the creation of man, and they entered a person, energy: the energy of love, the energy of hatred, the energy of fear, and so on. THEY are everywhere, these energies are everywhere, they are intelligent.

Now, what is happening, I see it as a very reasonable action, I mean the coronavirus. After all, what is it doing? He says: “You cannot pollute the water, you cannot pollute the air, such a way of life as you live is unacceptable.” But after all, we all knew for a long time that it is impossible to treat women the way we do, it is already clear what sex really is. We knew this, but did nothing. The situation in the world, the ecology is getting worse and worse, is already critical.

Suddenly the invisible energy says: “Sit at home.” And people are forced to wear masks when they go out somewhere, and, basically, stay at home, with the exception of those people who are in the Kin Domains. You will say: “They are in the Kin Domains, you also cannot go to the city.” And they are not drawn there, their life in general is in the Kin Domain. This does not mean that they are isolated – they communicate significantly more than many people living in apartments. They communicate with the same like-minded people who live in different cities and even abroad. You can see it on the site, now you can see it on Instagram, people from different cities, and they are like-minded people.

Presenter: That’s for sure! There are congratulations here even from Greece, Turkey! You said that correctly.

V. Megre: Yes! And I want to convey my congratulations to my American friends. You probably remember that they came to Rodnoe, Janet showed there how you can cook food. They are very interesting people. They were here in this house, where I am now, Janet goes out, and pick some herbs there and make such a magnificent table!

There is no isolation like there is in an apartment.

Presenter: Here from Israel they also congratulated the New Year.
Question: Why did it happen that huge areas are being cut down in Siberia? How can we stop this?

V. Megre: You can stop with a thought if most people ask this question and say: “Why are they cutting down the forest?”

Now the New Year will begin and there will be elections to the State Duma. Everyone can be asked the question: “Why is the forest being cut down? What is it?” Let them pass the law, or they won’t vote for them. This is the only way to do it. Or, perhaps, the mysterious THEY can come up with another, some interesting move, and influence these people who cut down this forest, as the Russian tsars Ivan the Terrible, Peter the First, Catherine II did – they very strictly punished those who brought harm to cedars, cedar groves. Over there in Cyprus, Richard the Lionheart cut down the cedars. There is a problem with water in Cyprus, and before there were no such problems – streams, rivers flowed, there was spring water, but the cedars were cut down, and it was gone. So let’s influence in some way.

Question: I read two versions of the law on Kin Domains, the impression was that they were written by people who did not have a Kin Domain and who, perhaps unwittingly, wanted to significantly harm the development of the Kin Domains.

V. Megre: I do not know what law you are asking about now, because several groups of people are now working on the law on Kin Domains. The only thing I asked for was a very important addition to the law. It consists in the fact that around the settlement, consisting of Kin Domains, there must be such a zone – meadows, or a forest zone, at least three kilometers wide, around the estates. It should be rented by people. A forest area, for example, should be leased by people who live in Kin Domains. There should be cedars planted there.

If there is already a place, for example, there is a place in the Rodnoe settlement, then you need to clear it and plant cedars there. And there will be a mixed forest. And when the law is ready, and this needs to be accelerated, I think that we will lay it out for general discussion and vote for it, and only then will we submit it to the State Duma.

I have already addressed the president so that an intersectoral working group be created, representatives of different ministries, departments, and always with the participation of practitioners who create and have already created Kin Domains. Then a draft law will be prepared, which will be submitted to the State Duma, and I think that it will be adopted.

Recently, a lot of people began to address to the presidential administration in order to expedite the adoption of the law on Kin Domains. Unfortunately, there are officials. You can take into account the rules that already exist. For example, people began to write to the administration in the name of the president to adopt a law on Kin Domains.

I know one answer, which came from the presidential administration. There were many answers, I know one, and it says that Dear Mr…, there is a presidential decree, if you collect 100 thousand signatures with your idea, your proposal, in support of your idea, your proposal, then it will be necessary on the table personally to the president and he personally will give an answer.

Didn’t read these rules and what happened? There is a site to which you need to send all these suggestions and requests. Many people presented this idea on their own, so that votes are divisible by twenty times, and all this is done by ordinary technology. The idea is good in itself, but you need to formulate it correctly and vote for it – this will also help to some extent. Not in some, but in a large one. I think that the Fund will deal with this in the near future and it will be necessary to repeat everything in a consolidated manner, rather than dividing it. Imagine, twenty people called the same idea differently. It turns out that twenty people. If they voted under one idea, they would get twenty votes, and they got one, five.

Question: Vladimir, please tell us about your lifestyle.

V. Megre: My lifestyle is not very good, to be honest. Willpower is probably weak. Anastasia and grandfather have been saying for a long time: “You should not join a party, any associations, and so on. This is your mission.” I had to write. But such a character that I want to participate everywhere – in the work of the settlements, and in the work of the party, and in the work of associations in the Ringing Cedars movement, and there are still some other meetings taking place, and abroad. How is it? Invitations came from more than thirty countries, from different places in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. And you have to go there, you have to go, – you think – and I do that all the time. Therefore, it is bad. But I do it, and I get such blows on a physical level. I understand where these blows come from, but I still do it. And I’m still trying to get my life back on track.

I have grown a lot of beautiful pumpkins this year. There are a lot of them, I handed out, gave, and left a lot for myself, they are very tasty and healthy, I now eat them. I seem to have coped with nutrition lately, but earlier I did not cope very well. In short, I am working on the right lifestyle.

Question: Tell us how to help our loved one to become young and healthy in adulthood? Any information on this issue?

V. Megre: I have information on this issue, but it is peculiar. You need to fall in love with your beloved sincerely with your mind and think what he or she needs, what would pay attention to.

I cannot express how to do it. I’m not a magician or a wizard, or a sorcerer. You need to talk to him in some of his, probably, language. If your loved one, for example, I say, bought an apartment, bought a car, sits on the couch and smugly reads the newspaper, and you come up to him and say: “Listen, there is such a grandiose idea, we need to buy a hectare of land and create a Kin Domain”. Imagine, a man bought an apartment, bought a car, sits on the couch, feels that life is good, and he is such a fine fellow, and his wife should be grateful. And she says, implying that this is not that great, what you did. He might hate her after that. This means that another approach is needed.

When I talk about children later, if you ask, I will tell you approximately what approach. In general, it is so difficult to say how to be with a man.

Presenter: Thank you! There are still many wishes for you here, from Cyprus and the Caucasus. Wish you more time for yourself and your destiny.

V. Megre: Who conveyed congratulations from Cyprus?

Presenter: I cannot scroll through, there are many comments.

Presenter: An interesting question: Vladimir Nikolaevich, when will you start building a veche structure together with your readers? As grandfather said. We are looking forward to it.

V. Megre: When the veche structure. You see, now you will charge me with this veche structure, I will begin to build it. It is necessary for groups to form, to act, to build this veche structure. I will probably write a book. I will try.

Presenter: There are a lot of questions about children, you mentioned them, and now it’s very interesting.

V. Megre: Just like Anastasia, my children are trying to do something. They have their own ideas on how to do it. They have their own plans. I have my own plan. Everyone strives for one thing, just in different ways. Anastasia, for example, is familiar with energies. I am not familiar with these energies. I am making a gate to my Kin Domain, this is important to me.

If we talk about children.
A thought came to mind, someone suggested in a dream. You have children, grandchildren. They sit there, like everyone else, at the computers, at the telephone, and you will try to explain to them what a Kin Domain is, and what is right to live in a Kin Domain. Find some words, somehow convince the child, but nothing happens. He will listen and say: “That this is my mother (or grandmother, or grandfather), they are weirdoes.” Why would he think so? Because they speak different languages. A grandson (daughter or son), for example, is in the city, studying, doing something. And you are trying to convince this child that you need to live in a Kin Domain.

And if you try this option. They all have bank cards, most of them. You will send this child five rubles or fifty rubles every month. And there you will write that “from your garden bed.” It is necessary to make some kind of bed so that it gives income, it can be done. He looks – one time fifty rubles came, the second time fifty rubles came. And it seems to be a small amount, but it often comes in handy.
– What garden bed is that? That sends and sends money here.

Of course, he will be interested in this, and one day he will come to this Kin Domain and say to his grandmother or grandfather: “Why is this little garden sending me money?” They will show him this garden. And what will be planted in the garden? Here in this country house I have about two thousand cedars in one garden bed. I was recently in a settlement and told people that you underestimate your Kin Domain.

For example, there are people who have lived there for ten years. There are people who live fifteen years, twenty years. Imagine a man planted a bed of cedars. Real seeds cost from 25 to 50 rubles, these are first-class seeds. The cedars rose. In two years, they can already be sold, transplanted, and disembarked. In five years, they will cost about three thousand, maybe more. A thousand cedars, worth three thousand – it turns out three million.

Can you imagine what a Kin Domain is? You could plant these cedars and have ten million in five years. But people didn’t guess. Everyone says that here is a cedar, it is good, such, phytoncides – we seem to be spiritual, we don’t think about money. Money is also energy.

And it turns out that a person could build a house, even if he does not have any money, he could buy more seedlings for the estate. A child who lives in a city understands:
– if he is a successful banker, he will have wealth,
– if he gets a good job, he will have wealth.

And what does the estate give? “Good food is internal, – the child thinks so – how to work here, it is impossible to earn money on this estate, you need to work somewhere.” And this garden bed can clearly show him ‘you work there, and here I will grow calmly’.

In such a language it will be possible to talk to him more convincingly, affectionately and with benefit. I told about it and began to plant these beds. Everyone sighs, gasps, they say: “We missed this opportunity!” Imagine that in 15 years they could grow, there are tens of millions, if you correctly understand and take into account all aspects.

There must be a unity of opposites. Someone thinks that money is wrong, that it is the opposite. After all, money, if it comes, can be used for a good cause. If you want, give it to someone, help someone, first of all yourself, by planting a beautiful garden.

Question: Vladimir Nikolaevich, you wrote in the tenth volume – ‘further events that happened at my grandfather’s deserve a separate book, which I am going to tell you about later’. What kind of events were there, it is very interesting.

V. Megre: I will write about them. If I start to tell, it will take a long time.

Question: Is it possible to set aside time for questions on Kin Domains separately?
Presenter: Maybe this broadcast with questions about Kin Domains was meant?

V. Megre: Yes, I think I will come out more often now, maybe once a week or once a month. And let’s talk about Kin Domains, we will make a special topic.

V. Megre: Yulia, you ask such kind questions.

Presenter: People are connecting, with us again.

V. Megre: I should probably say thank you to people for being with us, thank you very much for their questions. It’s time to prepare for the new year for all of us. Once again, I congratulate everyone on the New Year and on a wonderful broadcast. See you in future broadcasts!

Presenter: Thank you very much, Vladimir Nikolaevich! Thanks to the viewers for being with us! I wrote down the themes for the broadcasts, which stood out among us on the issues, we will continue this direction.

V. Megre: Thank you, Julia! You look good.

Presenter: Thank you very much! Celebrate well!

V. Megre: We are now on the air again.

Question: Gatherings of halves – why not in the city? It is in the middle of nowhere, not everyone will go there.

V. Megre: I cannot answer this question. This needs to be dealt with. How can I answer now?

Question: This is important. There are many lonely people.

V. Megre: This is important, there are a lot of lonely people, it worries me. I just can’t answer this question now. If I were a wizard, I would now say so and so.

Question: Please tell us your predictions.

V. Megre: And my predictions are in printed form, not here, not with me. It says that a ruler will come, very smart. It doesn’t have to be another person. It may just be for a person, for the current deputies, for the current rulers, to change something in their souls, and they will begin to act a little differently than now. And Russia will become the leader among other countries.

Question: Will the woman president be coming soon?

V. Megre: I am not a predictor, I don’t know.

Question: Is Russia the future?

V. Megre: Russia has a great future – this is 100%! This is already based on the fact that this is the future Russia. I wrote in one of the almanacs – my neighbor is on the estate, he has a house on Rublevka, a dacha on the Black Sea coast, and he is on the estate. And his heating works poorly, and the fireplace also smokes a little, but he loves this estate and prefers it. It would seem that a person lives in a Kin Domain, there is a forest. But he has an alley that he planted in honor of his ancestors. He walks along it, remembers them. And, probably, the spirit of his ancestors hovers over this estate. There, indeed, I enter him, some other sensation, and it is blissful.

This is not what I wanted to say. “How? People who are in a Kin Domain, they are engaged in agricultural work, they plant some trees” – no. They plant, yes. They plant with love, do it, but for some reason their children become very talented, very smart. His daughter decorates the Vatican churches, Catholic, Christian churches in Italy. And he also says: “Yes, I would have come, had a lesson with your children” – now such a plan is being nurtured by Viktor Yakovlevich Medikov. That’s why I want us to get to know each other.
Hello, Viktor Yakovlevich Medikov!

Question: Thanks for the idea of money from the garden.

V. Megre: You are welcome.

Question: In the settlement they say that everyone lives by himself, that there is no friendship among neighbors. Why do trolls convey this image?

V. Megre: Why do people live in settlements by themselves? This image is introduced by trolls. Yes, people do not live in settlements by themselves! The world opened up for them. They communicate with each other in a way that they have never communicated in their lives. They have friends in different cities, in different countries. In addition to the fact that they communicate with the inhabitants of the ancestral homes of their settlement, neighboring settlements, they also communicate with the mass of people in other cities. They are studying. And a person who lives in an apartment communicates, at best, with a neighbor and two or three acquaintances with him, that’s all. So the opposite is true and everything is fine.

Question: Nice to listen to you, thank you.

V. Megre: And thank you for your understanding.

Question: When will you see Anastasia?

V. Megre: I see her every day. And now, don’t we all think about Anastasia? We think, and I, of course, think.

Question: We have become entrepreneurs. How can we help the movement? We gather entrepreneurs around us. (Writes from Sverdlovsk, who took 215 hectares)

V. Megre: Now the Fund is developing plans on how to create groups of people – entrepreneurs, translators, programmers. I think when these plans begin to be implemented, we will get a very big effect.

Question: We need to give more open information about ourselves and the movement.

V. Megre: I completely agree with you. I cannot go on air every day, share some information. But I think that we, maybe, on the basis of my account, will make the director of the Fund speak, and other people, there, board members, just residents of the Kin Domains.

Question: Who remembers his first love?

V. Megre: I remember. I remember very well. Fell in love with a girl in the second grade who was in the first grade. And I loved her for about fifteen years. She learned to play the piano, she had a corner house. And I sat near the house and listened to her. It was very difficult for me to approach her, she was unusual, bows. I remember her well.

Question: Each broadcast needs to be devoted only for one topic.

V. Megre: I completely agree with you. Let’s program themes. And write Vkontakte topics for the air.

Question: How to break through the media blockade?

V. Megre: A good question is how to break the blockade of the media? It will be broken. I have already said that this time, which was when we, the movement, was hidden behind a veil of slander, hidden from the media. There are certain things that no one understands what it is, so be wary. There was such an attitude that one cannot say anything, no one understands anything. Why was this? Because, probably, it was necessary. Maybe these mysterious THEY did just that. For what? And so that people can calmly, without any instructions, without any cliches, just find the right relationship with each other, build.

What is a settlement? This is a mini society. What laws should it develop? And now it is already possible to analyze in which settlements how the relationship is built:
– someone has a charter,
– someone has no charter,
– someone does not build roads at all,
– someone on the contrary. In the settlement of Vladimirskaya, they came up with a new family responsible for the roads every year. And all sorts of strife stopped. Someone is doing it wrong for the road – wait, your turn will come, let’s see how you do it. The quarrels around the roads all stopped. A solution had to be found too.

Question: Could it be that your son will become the long-awaited ruler of the country?

V. Megre: Unlikely. Anastasia is a category of people who will never be at the head of any state. She has the ability, wherever she is, to lead the society. Maybe not the state, but society. Judge for yourself – a person says a few words, a few phrases, she said, and that’s it. She said that you would write books, that many people would read them, that these books would invite people. This is incredible! It cannot be done. When the first book came out, I was told that “you take it away, it will be such a shame.” Never before is the author, not yet a writer, it is impossible for such an attitude to books to be. You can predict that a book will be written, that it will be published – that can be predicted, it can be done, it is not incredible. There are a lot of graphomaniacs who write and write, so what? But it was here that the attitude of a large number of people to this fact, to these books, to these statements was predicted. And they came true.

In this house, there are a lot of paintings that were painted by artists. You have heard a lot of songs that were sung while traveling with the bard caravans. How was it to be predicted? With this, scientists are now figuring out how. A person who can. But she didn’t predict it all. Grandpa said that she does not predict the future, she models it with her thought. And there is nothing special in this either, because a person first models his future, imagines himself there as a lawyer, artist, director, and then goes to this. It can include some other forces, so that the thought rushes very quickly, so that a healthy person is physically.

And what is physical health? This is, first of all, the colossal energy in him. She has such energy. She does not strive for any ruling at all. I think that we too need to learn how to correctly direct thought, learn to work with thought.

Question: I wish you happiness and health that you are and that you have opened this path. Low bow to you and thanks.
Question: Ekaterina Fedenistova writes: what do you think we did wrong if Samokhin led to the liquidation of the party. I thought a lot, it is upsetting. After all, so much effort has been made.

V. Megre: I will tell you. First of all, all people, including myself, who are related to the organization of the party, need to apologize to the members of the party. Of course, both the regional offices, and, first of all, the federal coordinating council, must apologize to the party members. Because the party is being liquidated – only the governing bodies have always been and will be to blame for this, this is the law. But, it is very significant, the creators of the Kin Domains did not accept this party, they simply did not join it, they did not help it, they did not see normal, correct actions. This, of course, depends only on the leadership. And the biggest blame for the liquidation of the party, of course, lies on me. Remember, I started to organize a union of entrepreneurs with pure thoughts, and after a few months I realized – what am I doing? I sit in Moscow, entrepreneurs come, and I choose – who have pure thoughts, who do not. Some kind of stupidity, some kind of selfishness.

And then I called the party “Rodnaya Party” (tr. Native Party). I didn’t name it, my grandfather suggested to name it. I agreed with this and called our party ” Rodnaya Party”. This was the second mistake. The name ” Rodnaya Party” must be earned. And here people come, make the usual charter, make the central government, which leads the native party – that was absurd. People are probably not coping with their self, and they seem to start to lead something – some are accepted into the party, others are not accepted – it was simply absurd. And they liquidated the party.

So, what is next? Now we are reanimating the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement. The Foundation is now beginning to develop an extensive program. And we must, under the Foundation, probably, create a club of voters. After all, a native party with a different name may appear, say, the Rodnaya Party of Justice, or Fair Russia. But this party will begin to act in such a way that with our souls we will treat it in such a way that we will call it our Rodnaya party, Fair Russia – our Rodnaya party. Or United Russia – a native party, or some other. So they will deserve this job, and they will get this prefix – Rodnaya party. Let’s say they adopt a law on Kin Domains, begin to provide assistance in disinfecting the air, which we are talking about, it will be a native party.

V. Megre: Perhaps everything has its time. From time to time a readers’ club works in Vladimir. In the settlement of Ladnoye, as far as I remember, a readers’ club also gathers, Tamara is leading it. They come up periodically. From these clubs the Kin Domain settlements were born.

I will not distract your time. Thanks for rehearsing. I just wanted to know if the sound is better with a microphone or not. Now I see that there are almost no failures.

Question: Mikhail directly insists that there can be no native party without a veche structure.

V. Megre: I completely agree with you. The way it was is not same. Let’s think. Veche structure – have you somehow formulated the principles of the veche structure? If you have done this, please send it to the Foundation.

Question: Serbia wishes you a Happy New Year.

V. Megre: Thank you very much Serbia for your congratulations. And I wish you a Happy New Year. Who is from Serbia?

Question: It’s better with a microphone.

V. Megre: When the International Guzi Prize was presented to me in the Philippines, there were greetings from each laureate, there was a concert. But I did not know this, and there was no one from Russia, there was no one to take part in this holiday, concert. There was a good holiday, the flags of the country were brought in, the military took part. The holiday was well done. There was no one. And here a group came from Serbia, they just came to talk and get to know each other. And this group turned out to be a corps de ballet. And they say, “Why are you sad? We’ll do it now.” And such girls came out, and they danced so well that it was the best number. I still have a T-shirt from Serbia.

Question: Love from Japan!

V. Megre: Oh, Japan! Thanks to Turkey, Japan, Latvia, Bulgaria.
Goodbye! Let’s get ready.

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