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Kin’s Domains (by MegreLLC)

by | May 19, 2022 | Kin's Domains, Ringing Cedars / Anastasia

This article originally was posted on MegreLLC.com (the website of the Megre family business) at: https://megrellc.com/our-mission-kins-domain/

What are Kin’s Domains?

A Kin’s Domain is a plot of land (ideally 1 hectare) for you to transform into a beautiful space, for it to be passed down from generation to generation. A place to grow your own food, plant trees and live a daily life close to Nature. It is a space for you to share in perpetuity with your Kin.

“First choose a place you like out of all the possible favourable places on Earth, a place where you would like to live, where you would want your children to live, and where you would be a good memory for your great-grandchildren. The climate in that place must be favourable for you. Take for the ages one hectare of land in that place for yourself. What actions would you take if you were standing on your own land?” 

Vladimir Megre received these words from Anastasia and passed them on in Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books. This dream resonated with readers, and settlements of Kin Domains began to form throughout Russia as well as other countries all over the world.

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Creating Connection Between Humans and Earth

The concept of a Kin’s Domain is important for so many reasons. One of these is that it creates a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and the earth.

The earth receives attention and energy from humans, thus encouraging the plants around them to grow and prosper. In areas where the earth has been tampered with and the natural environment removed or damaged, the trees and plants are restored by the humans who are interacting with that piece of earth. They plant species that help restore the soil and water them and nourish them. This creates a favourable environment where the natural world can not only restore itself and heal, but thrive and flourish with beauty.

In return, humans develop an intimate relationship with the natural environment around them, an environment that provides specifically for them in the form of ethers, pollen, fruits, herbs and vegetables. The air that surrounds them becomes purer, the water becomes cleaner as it is filtered by the abundance of plants and trees that surround it, the fruits and vegetables that are produced are organic and full of nutrients that nourish the human body.

These interactions not only improve the physical health of the person, but the spiritual and mental health too, as each individual begins to reconnect with an innate, deep and ancient part of themselves – the human ability to influence and transform the world that surrounds them for the greater good.

Creating a Space of Love On Your Kin’s Domain

In the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, the dream of Kin’s Domains has been shared with us by Anastasia. Over the years this dream has become a reality amongst the people who have read the books and been inspired to put its concepts into practise. Along with this dream, Anastasia also shares an abundance of useful guidelines and ideas that bring us closer to harmony with our surroundings. These concepts can be easily incorporated into our plans for our own Kin’s Domains.

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Choosing a Plot of Land

One must choose their hectare of land in an area that is most suitable to their preferences. Once that decision has been made it will be helpful to research the climate and vegetation of the area, to determine what will grow best and how you can plant trees and shrubs that will thrive and benefit the natural surroundings as well. You can design your domain in such a way that the garden does not require a large amount of work from you.

“Each person can sense intuitively what is the most acceptable for him and what will also bring joy to his children and grandchildren. There cannot be a single plan. It is as individual as the great painting of a painter-creator. Each has his own.”

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Instead of setting up fencing that may rot or need maintenance in future, Anastasia suggests planting trees. Between the trees, one can plant impassable bushes, so as to fill the gaps and complete the fence.

“Wouldn’t it be better, Vladimir, instead of lots of posts that are later going to rot, to plant trees? Between them you can plant impassable bushes. What a beautiful fence that might make. Everyone would have one a little different, and each could gaze in admiration. Your descendants would remember you as the beautiful fence’s creator through the ages. Time would not be taken from them to repair it, and ti would bring benefits. It would function not only as a barrier. One fence should be made of birches growing in a row. Another from oaks. Some, in a creative surge, would make a fence of many colours, like in a fairy tale.”

“Each person must observe what grows – how high, how it blooms in spring, how it smells, and what kinds of birds it attracts. Your fence would be singing and fragrant and would never tire your gaze, since it would subtly change its pictures by a half-tone every day. It would bloom with the flower of spring and blaze with the colours of fall.”

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Transforming our Plot from a Wasteland Into a Space of Love

Consider your hectare of land to be an empty canvas – full of possibility and potential. The earth is waiting for your loving touch to bring it to life and make it bloom the way it always intended to be. You can create the most beautiful grand design, using plants and trees as your paints.

“The wasteland has been surrounded by a living fence. Let us take up another three quarters or half with forest and plant different kinds of trees in it. At the forest’s edge, where the remaining land joins, we will plant living fencing out of the kinds of bushes that animals can’t get through to trample the seedlings in the garden. In the forest of living saplings planted closer to each other, we will set up an enclosure where a goat or two, for example, might live later.

Also out of the trees, we will set up a shelter for laying hens. In the garden, we will dig a shallow pond of a couple of hundred square meters. 

We will plant raspberry and currant bushes among the forest trees, and wild strawberries along the edge. Also in the forest, after the trees have grown a little, we will place three empty troughs for bees. We will plant a gazebo of trees, where you and your friends or children can be together, away from the heat, and we will set up a living bedroom, and your creative studio. And a bedroom for the children, and a guest room. 

Building a Home

You may decide that you may be better off building a smaller house, to leave more room for your gardens and forest on your Kin’s domain. You might find that you intend to spend more time outdoors and do not see the need for a large house as it will take up too much space.

“It is not worth putting too much effort in building a large house that is too solid.

When your grandchildren grow up, they will definitely understand what material of all the earthly ones conceived would be more pleasant, solid, and healthful for them. Right now, you do not have that kind of material. Your grandchildren will build a wooden house out of the trees that their grandfather planted and their father and mother loved. That house will heal them, protect them from evil spirits, and inspire them to the light. The great energy of Love will live in that house.”

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A Kin’s Domain No Matter Where You Are

Some of us are not able to acquire a piece of land at this moment in time – this does not mean we cannot begin dreaming. The possibilities are still endless and you never know what opportunities may present themselves to you once you start dreaming.

One can begin to design their Kin’s Domain, such as research the area that they would most like to live in. In addition to this, a small plant nursery could be started on the windowsill of an apartment or a small back garden. A person living in the city could begin to prepare for their Kin’s domain by planting their favourite plants in pots and researching the best plants to grow in the area that they choose.

We can begin to interact with nature no matter where we are, after all, we also need to clean up the cities and transform them as best we can. One could form a community for planting a city garden or planting trees, bringing individuals together in the city, forming bonds with neighbours and coming together to improve our immediate surroundings.

The energy of love will be bright amongst these people – and will transform the city into a radiant unique place, filled with beautiful flowers, plants and trees, and most importantly, citizens filled with happiness and joy as they watch their dreams unfold before their eyes.

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