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Anastasia Foundation Gathering at 2022 Music and Sky Festival, October 13-16th 2022, in Central California!

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Ringing Cedars / Anastasia

Dear friends,

I am excited to share that I (Gabriel Miguel) will be speaking about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars at the 2022 Music & Sky Festival! Join us from October 13-16th at Cielos in Central California.

We can have a reader’s gathering there if you attend; there will already be many Ringing Cedars readers among the attendees and speakers!

This festival is very aligned with all of our values, and is definitely the best in-person festival experience for people like us.

It’s going to be an incredible weekend of Wellness, Connection, Community, Healing, Ice Baths, Yoga, Sound Healing, Inspiring Workshops, Arts, Performers, and Gourmet Farm-to-Table Meals!

This year’s event will be especially family-friendly. Expect a beautiful multigenerational village vibe, an experience that feels like a soul-family reunion.

Get your tickets now here! Use the code “ANASTASIA50” to get $50 off your ticket, before they sell out!

It’s going to be a super fun, educational, inspiring and uplifting event. I really hope you can attend! Looking forward to meeting you all in person, singing, dancing, and having fun together!

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