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Happy Earth Day 2021! | Kin’s Domains and Regenerating the World

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Kin's Domains, Ringing Cedars News


Happy Earth Day 2021 from Anastasia USA! Discover how the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series and the idea of Kin’s Domains are creating a new, regenerative and brighter Earth.
This is a great 2 minute and 55 second video introducing the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series and Kin’s Domains. Share with your loved ones!
What is a Kin’s Domain?
A Kin’s Domain is a 2.5 acre piece of the Earth where a family creates a living Paradise garden for themselves and their (future) children, to pass on in perpetuity. The land is your connection to the Universe, and the space of your kin.
It is ideally 2.5 acres of land (100m x 100m), where a family plants a living fence of trees and bushes around the perimeter. On the inside, they dig a pond, plant a forest, an orchard, flower and vegetable gardens, build a house and keep bees and animals, all with the intention of passing this land down to generations of their children. They use strictly organic methods of gardening, and create no pollution of any kind. The families who create Kin’s Domains are doing so to ensure the best possible future for their children.
When each willing family does this, bit by bit, the world will be transformed into a blooming heavenly oasis. Each family, willingly and enthusiastically, takes to the land and regenerates the Earth. There are already more than 400 Kin’s Domain settlements in Russia and eastern Europe, with the largest of them having over 200-300+ families.

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