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My Kin’s Domain Story And A Call To Write Your Own Declaration

She had written her declaration and it was like a little bell ringing for me to hear Empress’ cheery greeting.
An uplifting joyous tone announced our successful connection. I knew I was talking to a woman who is happy, on her right path and finding her gifts within herself.

A Declaration written. Co-creating paradise on Earth.

An Interview with Empress-Nefertiti Mumbi Narrated by Elizabeth Erkel.

I  wake up, sun gaze, moon gaze & look at the stars. I am co-creating paradise on Earth. My land is in the mountains, not far from the volcano. It’s a forested area with lots of ferns. I am doing a lot of the clearing on my own, but keeping the trees to keep it pristine. A small cabin is the only development yet, yet here I stand on my plot of land, nestled on the breathtaking Big Island. It is here that I am building my eternity.

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I needed to put my declaration out there. My heart thought and my hands responded. Now it’s on the pages in front of me and whirling in the air around me. The plants have caught wind and are growing in collaboration! Please, everyone! Write your declaration, it makes it more real. I turned mine into a video, which you may watch HERE. Or, read it at the end of this story below.

Before this, I was an accountant by trade with my own firm. In 2017, I moved to Hawaii, carrying with me the weight of my accounting responsibilities. A restlessness continued to gnaw at me. I knew that I needed to be doing something pristine, rooted and entrepreneurial. And, I knew that numbers and calculations weren’t showing me the whole design.

It was the land itself that whispered the design to me. Though I was a novice in these matters, it urged me to embrace a life off the grid and cultivate my own sustenance. My purpose wanted me as much as I wanted it.

In 2018, fate introduced me to a book that held the key to my transformation. Though occupied with my accounting duties, I felt The Ringing Cedars’ presence lingering. In 2021, after purchasing my three-acre piece of land, a neighbor helped the books re-enter my life. It was the right time; I didn’t have to question anything.

As I read them back to back, my grandmother’s and aunt’s teachings came back to me and this time with a profound resonance. I had forgotten about them, and I went back in time. Their teachings are etched into my being, guiding my approach to my unique situations. Bringing me here.

I had only been to my land on weekends, until after I read the books. Within 2-3 months my accounting office was closed and last September I moved there. These steps onto the land that had beckoned to me for so long now felt like home and I set to work right away.

Transitioning is not without its challenges; the land is raw, untouched. The money invested in my company is gone and financial struggles are real. People have thought me crazy! Yet, I’m okay with the struggle because this is what I wanted to do.

With joyful determination, I’ve managed with bartering and learning to trust. Even bringing in a small excavator to pave the way for my connection to the Earth. With the same flow as the lava 100 years ago. Recently, I introduced bees to my domain, further cementing my sense of fulfillment.

Empress Nefertiti Mumbi Driveway Collage 1024x448 1 Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada, Anastasia USA
The Driveway Before Excavation, After, And After Further Clearing of Rocks

I witness my harmonic response to challenges enfolded in my eating choices as well. Apart from Honey, I’m a health vegan, not a commercial vegan. Which is more about holy-understanding. This allows me to connect and be in harmony with nature. No artificial flavors, gmo, chemicals or anything that’s harmful to my body. 

I require store bought items to have simple ingredients – no more than five and no scientific terms. I love cooking with fresh herbs and I prefer from scratch. Food is medicine to my body and soul and this places the steering wheel in my hands. My confidence for a health-vegan lifestyle came to me after watching  a documentary called The Game Changers. I recommend it because I’ve never wanted to go back.

Happiness blooms within me! A testament to the fulfillment that comes from walking the right path. Everything will work out. I have my focus, the more I am on the land, the more harmony shows itself.

Empress Nefertiti Mumbi Environment Collage 1024x448 1 Ringing Cedars of Russia USA + Canada, Anastasia USA
The sunrise view I gaze to, the lava flow path, my bees and favorite plants and flowers and mushrooms

Each day, I greet the sun, moon, and stars, a participant in the grand symphony of nature. I am no longer merely a resident of this island; I am a co-creator, crafting a paradise on Earth. My contribution to my ancestors’ dreams is forming a settlement of like-hearted souls. Who have also been touched by the wisdom that guided me.

I’ve shared the book’s with my neighbors. Not as a forceful push, but as an offering of something that has profoundly affected my life. One neighbor has decided to build a Kins Domain as well!

As I continue on this journey, I look forward to the day when fellow travelers on this path will join me. Until then, I trust in the flow of life, knowing that the universe will align our paths when the time is right. The community platform connects me with others who share similar aspirations. A reminder that I am not alone in this endeavor.

Though I’ve yet to sketch a formal plan, I’ve come to realize that the land itself holds the blueprints. Its essence reveals where the structures should stand, where the gardens will flourish, and where the paths want to wind. As I engage with this living entity, I find contentment in the unfolding process. And also the feeling that the time is near to sketch!

I am but a small part of a greater movement. I keep updated with the Anastasia Foundation and the Russian Anastasia Foundation. Their efforts are admirable! Together, we shape a new world, one characterized by harmony and purpose.

My heart swells with excitement at the thought of others declaring their own paths, as I did. Putting pen to paper, we give to our dreams substance and direction, anchoring them in reality. I encourage all to believe in themselves, to trust the inner divinity that guides us. Challenges may arise, but there will always be a way forward.

Awakening each day, I greet the sun, the moon, the stars, a participant in the cosmic dance. With each passing moment, I strengthen my connection to this land.

Co-creating a sanctuary that reflects my journey and aspirations. And so, as I continue on this path, I extend an invitation to all who seek purpose and harmony. Let us write our declarations, shape our destinies, and believe in the boundless potential within us.

~ Thank you for reading about my story!

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My Declaration

Watch it on YouTube OR Read it Below

Click HERE to download a pdf and read it later


I, Empress-Kathryne Nefertiti-Mumbi a citizen of the United States of America, have familiarized myself with the philosophy of a way of life that has been set forth in fictional form in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series. 

The idea of creating a family homestead has inspired me to take action.

I have acquired a plot of land in a remote spot in Hawaii, 3 acres in size, with the goal of establishing a more perfected dwelling land for my family and my descendants, and in memory of our ancestors.

I gave the given spot the name “Empress Nefertiti-Mumbi Family Homestead.” 

On the land I acquired. I will lay out a garden, dig a pond where fish will breed, and establish several families of bees. I will also cultivate berries and vegetables.

I plan to fertilize the land using solely natural and native means of fertilization.

I trust it will be a good thing if there are a lot of families who have the ability and desire to work the land, live on family homesteads near big and small cities, and are able to supply the urban population with a lot of ecologically sound vegetable produce and improve ecological conditions in the counties.

I find it unacceptable that corn, soybeans, and sugar beets farmed in the United States are more than 90% genetically engineered. Furthermore, these goods are frequently of poor quality and dangerous to people, especially children. In addition, these products are also often of low quality and are harmful to humans, especially children.

I presume true that this situation endangers not only the security of the food in our nation but also the populations that reside there.

I deem it unhelpful to point fingers at the government or anyone else in such circumstances for having made this or that error. Not just the society of our nation, but our entire society, has erred. As a result, many cultures are on the verge of experiencing social unrest. In the current climate, it is crucial for each individual to consider what specific actions they can do as soon as possible to effect good change.

The example of nations that have staked their economies on agriculture demonstrates the futility and even destructiveness of this decision. Farmers who are concerned with turning a profit from producing agricultural goods engage in rivalry. They must cultivate toxic genetically engineered crops and employ harmful pesticides and herbicides in order to succeed, endangering the lives of citizens of whole states in the process.

On the family homestead, a family resides and cultivates food to suit both their own needs and the requirements of their relatives who reside in urban areas. 

The relationship between a family and the land is thus fundamentally different for a family living on a family homestead. The excess generated on the homesteads will stand out from all other products on the shelves of city stores due to its advantageous nature.

Social unrest is a threat in many nations due to the worsening global economic crisis. We need a completely new concept of the family way of life that the public will understand if we are to emerge from this catastrophe. And this way of thinking is presented in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series. I have embraced its essential ideas, and they have motivated me to perform the above-mentioned steps.

Alongside my own family homestead, more than a hundred other families whose children are being born and reared in a more perfected ecological setting – have each purchased one hectare of land and are currently constructing their own family homesteads. The practice has demonstrated that they are acting in this way due to this philosophy rather than a money influx.

I am aware that thousands of families are already establishing their family homesteads across various regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus as a result of this philosophy. As soon as a more benevolent legal foundation for this is developed, millions of families intend to do so. Many households have plans to start small businesses and generate agricultural goods.

I wholeheartedly support efforts made by the Russian Federation’s government and President to encourage the construction of small houses outside of cities, as well as to make and set aside for agricultural use available for the building of small houses and to allot a plot of land to each family. I think that each plot should be at least one hectare in

size since it is impossible to construct a small-scale, perfectly developed, self-sustaining ecosystem on a smaller tract.

Families will become consumers rather than producers in the settlements around the cities if not given a sizable enough plot of land, which will further worsen the nation’s food, ecological, and social conditions.

I make an appeal to the United States of America’s President and Congress, the United Nations, and the leaders of all states who have a stake in the flourishing of the people who live there, and urge them to consider and accept the idea that establishing family homesteads are the most practical strategy for assisting nations in emerging from the current economic crisis, averting the impending ecological catastrophe, and avoiding a food crisis.

The “Family Homestead” concept has gained widespread support among Russians. May it spread to all nations, and may our nations compete with one another to bring forth a bright future.

The depression that is encroaching on us can be stopped if the governments of many nations really comprehend this concept, make it known, and support it. There will be the start of a global, inspiring process.

The “Family Homestead” plan’s beneficial effects have already been demonstrated by the acts of thousands of Russian families. These declarations have been endorsed by more than 1500 Russian families who have already started developing their own family farms. May this declaration serve as an example for every family to write and autograph their own.

As they imaginatively create a lovely environment where their family can live in many nations and throughout the world I wish all like-minded people prosperity and inspiration!

Story Compiled by Elizabeth Erkel, Community Outreach Coordinator

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