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The Realities of Life on a Kin’s Domain, with Vadim and Galina Karabinskie

by | Jun 9, 2024 | Kin's Domain Stories

Recording is from our 2022 event “Freedom and Co-Creation: Love, Land, and Law”: https://anastasia.foundation/amgaf2022 ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

“We are Vadim and Galina Karabinskie. We live with our children in the most northern Kin’s Domain Settlement in Russia, “Karelskoe Zalesie”. This is the only Kin’s Domain Settlement in the Republiс of Karelia (to the north of St. Petersburg).

“Vadim started the Settlement 15 years ago, Galina joined him later. Vadim is a blogger (the first and largest Ringing Cedars blogger in Russia), the creator/director of 2 films about Russian Kin’s domains (2 films, 9 parts), and the author of several books related to the Ringing Cedars of Russia.

“Galina is an online English teacher, they have 2 kids (with the 3rd on the way), and the main support and inspiration for Vadim.

“Vadim’s films are about people who already live happily on their Kin’s Domains! Vadim asked 30 questions to 30 families from 11 Kin’s Domain Settlements. A total of 900 answers, the best of which were included in the films: what money is needed on the Kin’s Domain, what happiness is, children’s lives on the domains, and much more.

“Our general project is traditional education for boys and girls in a form of a camp. There, boys learn how to defend themselves, sports, folk games, singing, dancing etc. For girls – the basic skills of sewing, weaving, gathering herbs, cooking, folk singing and dancing, etc.

“However the most important thing – we happily live together!”

Vadim’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClTB…

Galina’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@galina_karab…


0:17: 🏞️ A glimpse into the unique lifestyle of a couple living in Russia’s Northernmost settlement, facing challenges and cherishing their community.

0:24: Galina runs a blog in English about their experiences

0:33: Vadim creates films about Kin’s Domain Settlements

12:59: Experience of Anastasia’s nine days of freeing the soul

17:18: Decision to relocate to a Settlement in Karelia

19:11: Transition towards a new way of life in the chosen location

23:40: 💑 A love story unfolds as Galina joins Vadim, a well-known blogger, in building their dream Kin’s Domain after both going through divorces.

26:28: Both Galina and Vadim went through divorces around the same time, leading them to connect and support each other in pursuing their dreams.

27:47: 💑 Love story of Vadim and Galina: overcoming divorce, finding love on Anastasia website, and starting a family in a month.

29:52: Vadim reached out to Galina on Anastasia.ru website

33:27: Within a month, they decided to start a family and have been happily together since

34:27: 🌲 Exploration of living in a remote, powerful, and sparsely populated region, highlighting legal challenges and health benefits.

37:37: Low population density in Karelia leads to less control and more freedom in building

42:13: 🌿 Transformational experiences with children and health in a rural setting, including unconventional parenting choices.

44:26: Son’s fearless interaction with animals, contrasting with mother’s fear

45:04: Positive experience of giving birth at home according to Anastasia’s principles

47:30: Vadim’s filmmaking about Kin’s Domains and crowdfunding approach

48:27: Future plans for a film about children raised on Kin’s Domains

49:09: 🏞️ Empowering youth through Kin’s Domain experiences and traditional education programs.

51:52: Boys and girls camps provide hands-on rural living experiences.

53:07: Focus on teaching traditional gender roles and values to children.

58:27: Their land is nine hectares, which is deemed excessive and difficult to manage efficiently, 2.5 acres is better

1:04:56: 🏡 Insights into real-life challenges and misconceptions of living in a kin’s domain community.

1:04:56: Not all families on Kin’s Domain Settlements are as supportive and involved as perceived.

1:06:03: Dietary choices, including meat consumption, smoking, and alcohol use, vary among families on Kin’s Domain Settlements.

1:07:15: Relationships on Kin’s Domain Settlements can face challenges, leading to families breaking apart.

1:08:28: The amount of work and projects on Kin’s Domain Settlements may seem overwhelming, but progress is made over time.

1:09:43: Access to information and knowledge has increased over the years, leading to more realistic expectations in Kin’s Domain living.

1:10:33: Common projects and activities on Kin’s Domain Settlements may be limited, with some settlements having only a few shared endeavors.

1:11:22: Emphasis on reading the Ringing Cedars books before visiting to understand lifestyle choices

1:13:15: Addressing misconceptions and myths about their way of life

1:20:22: Once awakened, going back to old ways is perceived as impossible.

1:21:43: Some individuals may return to the ‘city’ but the Kin’s Domain experience changes them forever.

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