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Family Lines, Land, & Spiritual Family | Anastasia Foundation Team Podcast | Ringing Cedars

執筆者 | 3月 14, 2023 | Ringing Cedars Podcast

In this interview:

This was an incredibly inspiring conversation that I really wanted to have. I was joined by Ariane Telishewsky and Wyatt Gober, two of my dearest friends in the world, and huge figures in the Anastasia Foundation’s work. We hope to do more podcasts with the three of us in the future! Please enjoy this first one.

✅ The Ringing Cedars perspective on family lines and land

✅ Redeeming our ancestors, our present families, and ensuring salvation for our descendants

✅ The deeply intimate connection between us and our Kin’s Domains

✅ The importance of spiritual family, and the growing worldwide Vedruss spiritual family

✅ Creating a Kin’s Domain out of love and inspiration, not out of fear

✅ Rethinking family names

✅ The worldwide Anastasia Foundation community

✅ And much more!

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