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Gabriel Miguel: The Wisdom of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars | Matt Belair Interview

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Interviews

Today’s guest is the founder of the Anastasia Foundation and at the forefront of the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement in the English-speaking world.

With a focus on connecting, inspiring, and empowering Ringing Cedars readers, the Foundation has become the largest international community of those who have been touched by the divinely inspiring and soul-awakening message of the Anastasia book series.

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to bring about joyful Co-Creation for all Mankind with God.

The Anastasia books

Autobiography of a Yogi

The ringing cedar

Vladimir Megre

The healing power of cedars

Anastasia’s wild lineage

The Tiaga

Jon Turk and the mystical teacher of Mulanaut

Meeting of the elders in Guatemala

Our pristine origins

Jesus and the Essenes

4 Ways to Know God

The purpose and communication of the natural world

Conjoint Creation

The Kins Domain 2.5 acres

The most important thing is finding a soul mate and starting a family

A living fence

The butterfly story

Kins Domain Settlements

The giant movement of kins domains settlements

Perfecting the dwelling land

15 minute cities

Law – Cost – God’s law

Importance of family

The dark forces window of time

How the technocratic systems are done and it’s the final throws

Why if you focus on the negative they win

Focus on the bright future

When you focus on creation, solutions, and your true path you will be supported by God

Communicating with Anastasia

Anastasia’s view on God

Conscious contact with nature

How to plant healing seeds

Why we have free will

Faith is cultivated

Anastasia’s prayer to God

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