June 21st 2024 – North America Ringing Cedars Community Call, hosted by Gabriel Miguel

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Anastasia Foundation Events

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0:02: 🌿 Discussion on connecting with fellow Ringing Cedars readers, sharing experiences, and forming relationships.

9:53: 📚 Discussion on personal connections to Anastasia books, Russian heritage, and living the ideas.

21:42: 🌿 Discussion among North American readers of Ringing Cedars books, sharing visions of living in harmony with nature.

30:54: 📚 Insights on the different editions of the English translations of the Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre.

40:07: 🌱 Discussion on the profound impact of Ringing Cedars books, the inspiration to create Kin’s Domains, challenges of acquiring land in North America.

50:14: 💡 Insights on land ownership, community connection, and working within the system for property acquisition.

1:01:52: 🌿 Discussion on land ownership, stewardship, and creating a living paradise based on the images created by Anastasia.

1:10:21: 🌱 Discussion on the challenges and joys of transitioning to a Kin’s Domains, emphasizing the importance of patience and inner growth.

1:23:05: 🌍 Discussion on finding the right land potentially through astrology and connecting with the spirit of the land. 1:28:21: 📚 Discussion about seeking guidance from God for finding the right place to live, referencing events from the Ringing Cedars book series.

1:37:25: 🌿 Discussion on connecting with nature, manifestation, and heartfelt communication with God.

1:47:34: 🏫 Discussion on a remarkable school in Russia designed and built by children, led by Mikhail Shchtenin teaching methods.

1:57:46: 📚 Discussion on historical events, upcoming Russia-America exchange, and gratitude towards participants.


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