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helping to Perfect the dwelling land, one family at a time

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Our Misson

We are passionate about Kin’s Domains…

And we’re trying to help along the idea’s growth here in the United States, in all the English-speaking countries, and internationally.

Our goals are to:

 Promote Kin’s Domains in the United States and internationally, and provide information, support and community to those who are planning on or are already creating their own Kin’s Domains

– Serve as a central information and communications portal for those seeking information about Kin’s Domains or the Ringing Cedars movement in the United States
 Foster the growth of a supportive online community around the ideas set forth in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series

What We Do

kin’s domain listings

We have created the most advanced, and regularly updated listing of Kin’s Domains (settlements) in the USA + internationally.

Reader’s Gatherings

We host reader’s gatherings in NY and CA every year to help build a strong sense of community.


We publish educational articles, interviews, and reports to help educate the public and raise awareness about Kin’s Domains


We produce a podcast, “Co-Creation and Joy Radio” to help promote the lifestyle and foster a very active Facebook community.

Want to contribute to the mission?

+ Kin's Domain Settlements in Russia

The largest settlements contain  350+ families, while the smallest range from 5-10 families, 

Families living on settlements

This is just in Russia. 

Years Kin's domains have existed

The concept of the Kin’s Domain has existed for 21 years. The oldest settlements in Russia are this age. Many children have been born in them.

Trees Planted per family

When a family establishes their Kin’s Domain, they can easily plant 300 trees or more on their plot. This is true regeneration on a massive scale.

Countries in which Kin's Domains are established

From the USA to the UK, to Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and more, this is truly an international movement for the people.

Ringing Cedars of russia readers

The books have been translated into 20+ languages around the world, and have sold 30M+ copies.

Discover the impact Kin’s Domains are making in the world

The Russian government passed the Private Garden Plot Act in 2003 which gave citizens plots of land up to 2.75 hectares for free. Watch this video to discover the impact Kin’s Domains have made in 20+ years in Russia and the world.

Our Approach – Kin’s Domains: the most effective method available

The idea of Kin’s Domains has been massively successful in Russia, and in the surrounding countries comprising the former Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands of families have embraced this idea, taken to the land, and created substantially higher quality lives for themselves, without undue environmental, energetic, or economic resource expenditure.

This all happened without any political or financial support from the government, financial support from corporations, paid advertising of any kind, or support from authorities. The Russian government has long since endorsed the idea and has passed legislation facilitating the acquisition of land by families for the purpose of constructing Kin’s Domains.

The Kin’s Domain model is the most effective method available for dealing with every problem that the individual and the world faces. Promoting this idea is our main mission.

The ideas set forth in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series have inspired hundreds of thousands of readers across the world (12 million copies sold in 20+ languages) to construct their own Kin’s Domains, and organize settlements with sometimes as much as 350+ families, settled on separate, 2.5 to 5 acre, Kin’s Domains closely bordering each other.


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