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36 years


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Moloaa, Kauai

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Moloaa Rd, Hawaii 96754, USA

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Creating Kin's Domain

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About Me

Aloha! I am very passionate about the Ringing Cedars books, as they have personally been the most life changing books I have ever read and I love sharing their magic with others. I love the books because I am passionate about studying ancient cultures and co-creating a new model of traditional living in the modern world. I have a degree in Anthropology from NYU, however everything I have learned since starting my own path of spiritual study would blow the minds of the academic world! I also love Hawaiian culture as it is so integrated with the natural world.

After many years being based out of the Hamptons in NY, I have moved to Kauai with the mission of forming a Kin’s Settlement. I currently live in Moloaa on an off-grid regenerative permaculture homestead, where I’ve been studying with the island’s top permaculture designer since 2020. I am serious about buying land soon, and have been gathering potential land parters, talking to investors, visiting properties and putting together a proposal, website and framework for a settlement. I’ll be the Kauai Ambassador when the RC ambassador program launches!

I am confident that I can make this happen, as I succeed in everything I am passionate about. I have won international awards and recognition in all my professional endeavors as a mermaid, model, musician, filmmaker, graphic artist and event producer.

I love living an athletic, fit, healthy and natural lifestyle. I have been vegetarian since finishing the books 4 years ago. I enjoy cooking and sometimes work as a private chef. My active island lifestyle is full of surfing, yoga, roller skating, freediving, dancing and hiking.

I’m so excited to co-create a Space of Love here in paradise!  I have magically met my soulmate through this community and we calling in our land and soultribe to share in this journey!