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“Ringing Cedar”, painted by Kumar Alzhanov for the Anastasia Foundation. Proudly, the Ringing Cedar is our logo.


Who We Are

The Anastasia Foundation is building the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement in the English-speaking world by connecting, inspiring, and empowering Ringing Cedars readers.

Through our community-driven approach, the Anastasia Foundation is helping to create the joyful New Civilization on Earth, one Ringing Cedars reader at a time.

“Ringing Cedar”, painted by Kumar Alzhanov for the Anastasia Foundation. Proudly, the Ringing Cedar is our logo.


Our Story

Gabriel Miguel began his work, which would eventually become the Anastasia Foundation, after reading the Ringing Cedars of Russia series in 2014 and realizing he had no one to talk to about the books.

There were no other readers around, and there was no place online to find them. Frustrated and disappointed in the lack of communication between readers, he set out to create his own place for readers to connect.

After reading only half of book 1, Gabriel realized he had found all the truth he was looking for in life, and right then and there dedicated his life to helping everyone find and understand the liberating truths contained in the Ringing Cedars books, connecting readers everywhere, and making Anastasia’s dreams come true. He felt that he could not keep these realizations of a joyful and happy life to himself, and had to help everyone else find the vision of happiness that he had found.

Since that time, with the help of many passionate friends and beautiful souls worldwide, Gabriel has worked to create the blooming international Anastasia Foundation community which exists today — and which will always exist, to support the realization of Anastasia’s dreams, the joyful Co-Creation of flourishing Kin’s Domains across the planet, and the eternal preservation of Love in all families everywhere.

We exist in a spirit of humble service to mankind, and we work in a spirit of divine friendship, deep trust, and respect.


The Mission of the Anastasia Foundation

– Bring about joyful Co-Creation for all mankind with God

– Expand, connect, and empower the Ringing Cedars readership

– Create a vibrant in-person and online コミュニティ, helping all people find their soulmates and future neighbors

– Facilitate the Co-Creation of flourishing Kin’s Domains and Settlements across the planet, turning Earth into a Paradise.

– Restore to all people a way of life and rites capable of preserving love in families forever.

Anastasia foundation regional ambassadors



Publishing Ringing Cedars of Russia series (soon): Expanding the movement as the exclusive English publisher

Community Building: Uniting readers through online and in-person events and communities

Outreach and Education: Reaching new and old readers, and empowering the community with informative content and discussions

Public Speaking and Events: Sharing the message of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars, and inspiring audiences

Resources and Support: Equipping readers with tools, valuable information, and connections

How You Can Get Involved



We have many ways for you to connect with other readers and join our community. Visit our Get Started page to see all of the ways! We look forward to connecting with you.



Support the mission of the Anastasia Foundation by making recurring or one-time donations. We are a 508(c)(1)(a) nonprofit, and all donations are fully tax-deductible.



Do you feel called to help the Anastasia Foundation? Please reach out to us via our Volunteer page. We are a community-driven ogranization, and would be grateful for your help in our work!


Our Invitation to You

We joyfully invite you to join us in any way you feel called.

You will be welcomed and embraced by an incredibly loving and diverse community of wonderful souls, that we are fortunate to know. We exist to serve the community, and we are all stronger together.

And if you have not yet read the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, we highly recommend you do so, and experience the life-changing power and joy of Anastasia’s words. Perhaps you, like many others, will find the truth and the vision of a happy life that you were always looking for.

Joy and bright thoughts to you, in deep humility, respect, and friendship,

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