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My Name is Wellington
From Texas and born in Oklahoma. I travel around the USA and weld in different states. Also improving my skills of off-grid living and starting my family domain. My dream is to get a piece of earth and start the process of creating a family domain a paradise garden. I have read the books of the Ringing cedars series and yes what I have wanted since age 13 was explained in must better detail. Anastasia dream is my dream I want to connect an have a relationship with plants and animals. But also a connection/relationship with God. Becoming in harmony with myself is a fun journey not easy but not impossible. I plan on starting my Paradise garden in Oklahoma. I want to get to know all of ya'll.

Re: Paradise Garden

Wellington, thanks for joining! Where do you travel in the US?

Interesting, I had the same feeling when I first read the books. Anastasia's ideas were what I really wanted, but in much more detail. I have a buddy named Ryan in Oklahoma who is into some really interesting legal research, if you're in the same area as him I could connect you guys. He's not a Ringing Cedars person but is familiar with it, because of me.

Beautiful message man, welcome to the community.

Many blessings,
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Greetings Wellington,

I thought you might show up here someday. I know you'll have your dream domain in the not too distant future, along with the beloved partner to share it with and build that family that lives in your dream.
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one of Earth's most beautiful spots.