Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Dear Family,
I am grateful for this space to connect with you all in the Spirit of Unity and the Vision of building our Kin Domains.
I am in the middle of reading Book 5. The first 4 books of the Ringing Cedar Series have ignited such a burning passion inside of my soul!
I feel deeply awakened to our highest potential as children of a loving God, our one Divine Mother Heavenly Father Creator.
My family and I currently live in an apartment in Saint Petersburg, Florida on the Gulf coast, which is a subtropical climate. I am currently a youth pastor with our spiritual campus as well as a licensed real estate minister with helping people to buy and sell their homes.
I have been dreaming for the past 20 years, since I was a teenager, of co-creating an intentional community. After reading the Ringing Cedars books thus far, I understand that the best plan will be a kin domain settlement, I call it a Family Homestead Village. Where each family can plant their own garden of eden, build their homes and grow their family working with Nature and Nature's God. I have been imagining areas here in Florida to begin this kin domain settlement. I also want to include a learning center for our children and all generations.
My heart is full of joyful expectation of the good things to come and I look forward to connecting with anyone who loves to co-create with Nature and is inspired to rise to their highest potential as God's child.

In Love,
Zyon Christante
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Re: Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Greetings Zion,

I love your choice of words, "...and grow their family working with Nature and Nature's God. Straight out of the Declaration of Independence and my favorite way to state my allegiance in both living and dreaming a beautiful future. Blessings to your dream.
at Charisma, becoming
one of Earth's most beautiful spots.

Re: Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Your carefully chosen language is illiminaitive of that intent, your pastor profession is quite inspirational!

I have some friends in Florida who I go visit, and a friends who will be going that way to visit friends and yet another who wants to look for an easier location to live on the land.

I have lived in Vermont, and on the northeast coast, and athough I love it in the snow I am terribly confused. My closest friends want to move somewhere warmer. I am a gardener, that has also been my profession so far. I realize that helping people with their gardens is at least somewhat futile even though it may seem like a holy profession: indeed, while my acts may be based in touching the earth, the garden is in one’s mind, and helping someone with their garden is somewhat sickening. Most people do not grasp what I tell them, why I do what, what it is that makes me so.

I feel your connection and your deep spouting love. I’m greatful you are here! To the manifest of your dream. To the manifest of all good dreams. Let lack of connection or lack of previous similar manifestations not be an obstacle! Create Create Create new on earth.

Re: Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

Hi Zyon,
I am just 30 miles from you, in Tarpon Springs. Glad to see there are others imagining FL having kins domain. You hold a lovely vision. You reminded me of something. I have been seeing an off the grid community for the past 18 years. I woke up one morning with a vision of sustainable homes on raw land not connected to the city surrounded by forest. These homes were built in a circle facing each other but had enough space for privacy. Each had their own garden to feed them all year and a stone well in the center. This is where people could gather also. Maybe it exists or maybe I am to create it. Your idea of a learning center sounds interesting, like a demonstration site to show others how to make it happen.
If you want to predict the future create it.