Hi from Jerry in Eugene, Oregon (and Vedrica in Idaho)

I'm very pleased to discover this new discussion forum. Thank you, GabrielMiguel, for setting this up.

I live with my wife on a 2-acre parcel outside of Eugene, Oregon. It has everything anyone could ever ask for in a Kin's Domain or Space of Love. We have a pleasant little house, a fenced food forest for fruit trees and vegetables, pasture for chickens and cows, solar panels and a well. We don't have our own pond (although there's a lake two blocks away) and we have a wire fence instead of a living fence, so I guess we don't literally have "everything" Megre imagined, but almost. And moreover, we also own the lot next door, which is another five acres and a house that's rented out. So, "everything you wanted and more." We've been here since 2006, which was long before I ever heard of Vladimir Megre or the Ringing Cedars novels. But when I did hear about the Anastasia movement, I felt that we already were living the dream.

I'm retired now. When I had a day job, I worked as an electronics engineer. Nowadays, aside from cultivating my "domain", I also spend my time blogging at my web page, https://www.postflaviana.org, where I am an aspiring pundit.

And... I've been interested in the intentional communities movement since the 1980's. My wife and I lived for a summer at Cerro Gordo Community south of Eugene. But at that time the situation was very troubled, and we ended up getting a house of our own in Eugene. It was on half an acre (not enough to call a 'Domain') but the house was big enough for housemates, which was all the community we really could handle.

But we've been "involved" with a couple of other communities over the years, as investors / supporters. Those would include Lost Valley Center and Heart-Culture Farm Community.

And... Vedrica Forest Gardens (Ringing Cedars Settlement) in Weippe, Idaho! Which is what I'm mainly here to talk about. I will post my thoughts & questions about this, elsewhere on the site in the appropriate locations.