Find Others to Create a Kin's Domain Settlement With

Dear friends,

I know what we're all searching for is other readers who want to come together and create a Kin's Domain settlement with us.

This forum is the place to post about your plans and find other readers to co-create a settlement with.

Share your location, available land, a bit about yourself and your plans.

I'd recommend to share as much detail as you can, so you can give people a more complete idea of what you're doing.

And also, to help facilitate the process of finding others to create a settlement with in the best way I know how, I created an International Kin's Domain Directory.

You can find it here on the main Anastasia USA website:

Here's a screenshot of the USA section of the map (as of the time of this posting, May 3rd, 2020):
Joy to you, co-creators of a splendid new Earth,
Founder & Executive Director
Anastasia Foundation